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Adamson University (Ermita, Manila)

Posted by admin on July 27, 2006


32 Responses to “Adamson University (Ermita, Manila)”

  1. Marc said

    something needs to be done about those hanging airconditioning units!!! they’re an eye sore, and they’re all over the philippines. it’s a shame because this is a beautiful building

  2. myrtle said

    actually im studying here in adamson and this beautiful biulding is now changed… and it became more wonderful!

  3. adamsonian said

    Uve never been in our school marc, ur complaning bout the “airconditioning units” of the school, where the hell should the constructors put them? u should visit our school marc. btw its a great school to study in.

  4. michael obenita said

    nice school…regards to all students

  5. taga bukal3 said

    palpak talaga yung aicon,
    it should be placed not visible in front of the building…eyesore.

    where are ur great architects???

  6. may entrance exam

  7. ...... said

    oo nga ung aircon.. pangpasira..
    sayang ang beauty nung building..
    kng wala nmn mpglgyn eh di wg n mag aircon..
    pero may aircon nmn n pede nklgy sa likod ahh ung not visible..hmm.pede b un?
    bsta ang pangit..
    ang gnda n sana nung building..

  8. shella said

    wahhhhhhhhhhhh yan na un?????? ganda sana kaso,,,,
    maganda talaga….

  9. ArkiKlasmeyt said

    the building has already been repaired & repainted along with the church; the grounds re-landscaped. As for the window-type acu’s, their still there…..you should take new pictures..its beautiful with the new bronze sculpture, especially at night when the lights are on…The adamsonian architects? Well they only have too much to say and recommend, the administrators still make the decisions……..

  10. michael said

    hello 2 all…

  11. arkifacultyclub said

    who is credited for the architecture of the church?

  12. aldrin said

    mahirap b entrance exam?

  13. mae sacriz said

    im proud to be a LADY FALCONS !! yeah ! :))

  14. Snow said

    One proud Falcon here! Lovely building indeed. ~_~

  15. […] Photo Credit: Heritage Conservation Society […]

  16. alessandro trinidad said

    With regards to those aircons destroying the facade of ST. Building, thats quite a shame though, the ability of the college of architecture in the said university seems not that powerful (convincing, being considered?) For whatever reason, no one knows why.
    The university tapped the services of AdU,s college of architecture before. Sad to say the architects, themselves, put efforts to proposed designs for some major changes in the buildings of the university, pro bono, all end up to nothing since there is no budget for such projects. An actual violation of the law by tapping services for free in my opinion since the university is a private catholic institution. Anyways, we did the new admissions design for the University. Too bad they rely to much aesthetics to the engineers which is quite ironic, and so ended up such a mess. really, a mess.

    The university should focus on renovation and restoration in my opinion.

  17. jhem said

    i love it! 🙂

  18. stained said

    “The Only School better than ateneo and la salsal.”

  19. Ken said

    ok na din…. pero mas maganda ata ung new CIHM building ng DLSU-D

  20. kim chuachingco said

    ..’ganda ng skul ng boyfriend koh..’graveh..kaka inggit…


  21. JANIKA said

    mas maganda pa rn patts!!!!1 hahahauu

  22. xaxai said

    y la sal-sal ? bd :p

  23. santos said

    installing those window-type air conditioning units is an abomination. They should have set up a centralized a/c system. Or use split-types at the very least.

  24. jhuday said

    gusto ko po sanang magaral dito sa ADU ..
    pero d ko alm kung makakabuild ako ng new friends ..

  25. jhuday said

    mlapit na ! ilang months nlang d pa ako nka dicide kung anong school sa baguio or ADU .. i cant dicide ..

  26. Anonymous said

    First of all i’m a product of Adamson, and for six years that I’ve been there i felt i wasted my time. Siguro nga meron ng improvements kasi the last time i went there mukhang airconditioned na yung mga classroom…but my question is: HINDI BA DAPAT MATAGAL NA NILANG GINAWA ITO?…back in 2003 to 2006 eto yung mga problema ko sa school na ito: (1) kulang na kulang ang classroom, at one point nag kklase kami sa CS building and nasaabas na ako ng classroom nakaupo, not to mention sobrang ang init, parang nsa oven! Meron pa silang building sa likod harap lang ng high school building, isa pa yun! Kasumpa sumpa! (2) kulang ang laboratory equipments ng electronics at electrical engineering. My god in one lab module all 40 Students are sharing, not to mention 1 section lang yun ha! Hindi ko pa sinama yung ibang section (3) for a school na comparable sa mapua, it is really odd that it lacks the technological aspect such as enrollment process and many others. I cant imagine how many times na discourage ako magenroll simply because it will waste all my time sa pila, for a 9 unit subject to spend 12 hours, most of the time you spent sa pila lang.

    So a stranger once asked my opinion if Adamson is a better place for her daughter. I humbly replied NO. Because i felt that the management ng Adamson ay sobrang mabagal, onced i attended a seminar from Ateneo and sobrang nanliit kami sa facility, curriculum, processes, and the way Ateneo engaged their students. No wonder big firms prefers graduates from these institutions…but of course eto na naman ang depensang: Malaki kasi ang tuition eh…

    I really felt that the biggest problem of the university is the inability to keep up with improvements. Universities like De La Salle and Ateneo are very successful because they have expanded their markets by using different campuses all over the country making their services available to a wider market. This will greatly improve their revenues and will provide them with the necessary resources for incremental improvement. Pero until now nagiisa pa rin ang campus nila.

    Oh by the way, bago ko makalimutan. Nag champion na ba yung Adamson Falcons sa basketball? Yun men ha, hindi yung womens division (mas magaling pa yata yung womens div), kasi nung time ko nakakapagtaka na bakit ang bilis makabili ng mga athletes naten ng sports car? Bakit kaya? I mean madalas tambak ng 20points ang competitor but for some reason palaging nakakahabol by last quarter…wala lang for 6 years yan palagi tinatanong namin sa sarili namin.

    Sobrang haba na nito…anyways im just sharing…i am not trying to put Adamson down, but its good to be informed. Sometimes it is good that you believe youre doing a great job, but it will all be a waste to learn that you’ve only become the best in your own world while the rest of the world have conquered greater horizons and you became obsolete.

  27. stefpotx said

    .. haaaay! .. sna mtupad ang pangarap qu na dito mag -aral .. after qu mka grad. ng highschool ..

  28. Rho Ramos said

    The campus of Adamson University has two other noteworthy architectural structures. Aside from the above-posted photos of a neoclassical building (which constitute the main building by the way), the Saint Vincent Parish Church, a neo-Baroque church with twin bell towers, a pediment-capped facade and a rosewheel window in the front. The church was also badly pillaged on the onslaught of the WWII. The other structure is the former campus of St. Theresa’s College-Manila (which was used to be ran by Belgian nuns). STC was acquired by AdU in the 1970s and the STC compound has also a distinct architectural character.

  29. nikon d700 said

    nikon d700…

    […]Adamson University (Ermita, Manila) « Heritage Conservation Society[…]…

  30. Edna E.Perez said

    I am proud to be an Adamsonian. I’d been there 40+ years ago @ the College of Engineering

  31. Edna E.Perez said

    By the way, am a proud member of CHESS (Chemical Engineering Students Society) and AMIEP Association of Management and Industrial Engineers of the Philippines), do these organizations still exists

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