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Baguio Central School

Posted by admin on July 27, 2006

DepED, Heritage Conservation Society Restore Baguio Central School

Baguio Central School, a public school built in 1923 got a facelift from the Department of Education and the Heritage Conservation Society (HCS). Baguio Central School is the second heritage school renovated under the Heritage Schoolhouse Program of the Department. It is under the supervision of the Physical Facilities and Schools Engineering Division headed by Engineer Oliver Hernandez.

The first 25 students of Baguio Central School were in one room of the house of Ibaloi herdsman Mateo Cariño, one of the founding fathers of Baguio. Then the school moved in 1901 to another house where the present public market stands. It expanded into an industrial school where American teachers taught livelihood trades. Then the school moved to a two-classroom building, with a dormitory and a mess- hall kitchen.

The school transferred to its present site with 11 classrooms, constructed of concrete and Baguio pine. The school was destroyed during World War II but was rebuilt in 1949. Although it has been in use since then, it fell victim to poor maintenance until its renovation in 2004. Total rehabilitation was completed in January 2005.

Baguio Central School now boasts of administrative offices, additional classrooms, computer room and a large library.

The first restored heritage school building is the Rizal Elementary School in Bacolod City.

Among the structures identified by DepED as heritage landmark sites that need to be restored soon are Pampanga Central School; Legarda Elementary School; and the Teacher’s Camp, Baguio City.

A master plan has been drafted for the renovation of the Teacher’s Camp which was created by the Bureau of Instruction in 1908. Teacher’s Camp serves as the summer venue for educators to meet, to study and to develop the education workforce. The restoration and adaptive re-use program for Teacher’s Camp is in preparation for its centennial anniversary in 2008.


33 Responses to “Baguio Central School”

  1. joyce leeann manansala said

    let clean are school

  2. ED Alcantara said

    I take pride to say that I went to that school.

  3. JV Aguilar said

    So did I. Mrs. Filomena Andres was my last home room teacher and I remember very well how Mrs. Peńa was our music teacher and I was a member of her choir ever since I was in Grade 4; I had to audition in order to join!

  4. I am very proud to say that I studied at Baguio Central School. My last homeroom teacher is the late Mrs. Adalim.

  5. jeremiah dayo said

    hi s mga naging classmates ko nung grade 5 section3 year 1995..

  6. Marietta Valenzuela Comahig said

    So many great memories from SBCS 🙂 I still remember my teachers from 1st grade to 6th grade . Wait.. I forgot the name of my 3rd grade teacher 😦 Ms. Manglapus, Mrs. Dela Cruz, Mrs. Morales, Mrs. Ferrer ,and Mr.Buado.Mga ka batch ko sila Jeremy Jorda, Michelle Del Prado ,Frederick Monsalud, Emma Brillantes, Ana Lisa Bueno, Violeta Paglinawan, Ricky Caoili, Remedios Carbonel , Zenaida Balcita at marami pa :)I can’t wait to go back to visit 😦

    • hahaha…uve 4goten me classm8! those were d days ika nga eh! all i cant 4get was my teacher in 3rd grade 8ts mrs martines…u must b in her rum 2 mins after d bell rung or else hehehe…nakanda na ung pamalong stik sa likuran mo! hahaha…those were d days ika nga eh…

  7. JV Aguilar said

    Mr. Pete Fontanoz was (or, “is” if he’s still alive) a musical genius and I learned how to play the guitar from him. He played several musical instruments such as the piano, guitar, banduria, and violin, etc, and I remember his “hanging” office in front of our home room with Mrs. Andres and we were also close to the principal’s office!

    When I was in UBSHS, the PC/INP Ladies (Wives) Club hired him to teach their children how to play in a rondalla and that’s where I learned how to play the banduria.

    The Ladies Club also kept insisting on electing my Mom as their president whenever she was home from her job…

  8. WOW! nice BCS…..
    a nice school that i have entered…
    I LOVE BCS….

  9. ana said

    Im trying to remember all the teachers bcs 1978-79 the only teacher i can remember is Mr Buado my music teacher please help me if anyone knows whose the teacher those year

    • marietta said

      ano ba section mo ? kasi graduate ako nang 1979 ang teacher ko si Mr. Buado section 4

      • marietta said

        6th grade teachers Mr. Buado , Mrs. Asprer, Pena, Andres, Franco ,Lusterio,Billick yata or billit lol tapos yung HE teacher si Mrs. Gorospe

  10. JV Aguilar said

    Wow! Isn’t it amazing how the past comes back alive when we talk about it? I now remember how I used to have a crush on Miss Angeles, my Grade 5 Social Studies teacher. I recall that she had beautifully soulful eyes and very long hair. I wonder if she ever got married and had kids. Now, I can’t even remember her first name…

  11. Manong Vergs said

    I attended the OBCS from 1953-59. We were taught by several teachers including Mr. Boado, Mr. Pulmano, Mrs. Mila delos Reyes, Miss Molina, Mrs., Aguirre, Mrs., Asprer, etc. The school principal was Mrs. Encarnacion. We graduated at the Baguio Auditorium which unfortunately been torn down at the last decade.

  12. Emma Brillantes Park said

    It is nice to see that Baguio central is still standing. I also went to this school and proud of it. My 6th grade teacher was Mrs. Andres and every time I come home to the Phil. we still get in touch.And of course I too was a choir member under Mrs. Penas leadership. I had great memories from this school. I am proud to say that my educational foundation was great and I owe it to the teachers of this school.

    • JV said

      Hi Emma. Does Mrs. Andres still live in QM subdivision? Because if she does, then it will be easy for me to find her and visit her when I head home to Baguio City. She was also my last homeroom teacher at Baguio Central School -Section 1 – the “honors” section – and I have very very fond memories of her and Mrs. Pena – the tallest ever music teacher back then. Also Mrs. Lumibao, my science teacher whose husband rented out bikes in Burnham Park.

  13. Art (Arturo) Mateo said

    This school is awesome…. Where are my old classmates??? Let’s have a reunion.

  14. Frederick R Monsalud - Radiation Oncologist said

    South Baguio Central School made me what I am today.

  15. Avello Dondo said

    Hopefully makita ko rin ang mga ka batch ko…1989

  16. Avello Dondo said

    Last na Adviser Si mam Pena,,,,,

  17. 7777 said


  18. dale4322 said

    dito ako nag aral hanggang ngayon 2009 hanggang 2015

  19. rheena viernes said

    proud of sbcs batch 77 😉

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