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Camalaniugan Brick Horno

Posted by admin on July 27, 2006


6 Responses to “Camalaniugan Brick Horno”

  1. jong basco said

    wow, it’s so nice to see our town’s horno here.

    it’s a pity that our kababaryos know very little of this heritage gem. even my parents know nil (both of which grew in camalaniugan) about its history. the most significant info that i managed to squeeze out of my lolo was the fact that the opening then at the kiln’s base was once tall enough to accommodate a grown man on horseback pulling the load of bricks inside. of course, the last time i visited, that archway have sunk so low that one needs to crawl to get in. also, the slow erosion of the nearby river threatens the horno. measures should be made lest the horno meet the same fate of the ruins of camalniugan’s first church.

    i do want to know more about it – how the process of brick making was done and which churches were built using bricks from this kiln.

  2. jigolo said

    wow very nice view.. its the horno of camalaniuganthat is my town, and i stayed there in a long years..

  3. jigolo said

    hope to see this place again…

  4. Jong Basco said

    Just got back from Camalaniugan and it’s good news that the river control project has already reached the Horno. I think it will hold up the soil around te Horno for years to come.

    Also noteworthy is that locval authorities have put up signages pointing to the Horno from the National Highway.

    To anyone wishing to see it, it’s just a stone’s throw away from the highway and the people are very friendly.

  5. Horno? it is one of the tourist spot here in Camalaniugan. Try to come here with your friends or family to have your bonding. It’s really beautiful 🙂

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