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Carcar Church

Posted by admin on July 27, 2006

The present church, probably the third or second church of Carcar, was begun in 1860 by Fr. Antonio Manglamo, continued by Fr. Gabriel González and completed by Fr. Fernández Rubio, who had the interior painted. Fr. Rubio also built the convento and a road connecting the town with the beach. A typhoon in 1876 damaged the roof of the church and convento.

Heritage Features: The façade has been described as Moorish influenced because of the recessed arch of the main entrance resembling an iwan of a Middle Eastern mosque and the twin bell towers capped by onion-shaped domes reminiscent of minarets. The bell towers have no openings except for the highest story where ogee arches are used for the bells. The lower story is flanked by a one story structure corresponding to the aisles that flank the main nave.

The interior of the church is embellished with a coffered ceiling, and the arcade separating the nave from the aisle by carved cherub heads. The altars are Neoclassical.

The church is surrounded by a low fence of coral stone and wrought iron. Images of eleven apostles have been added to the fence. The twelfth apostle, Judas stands all alone on a pedestal in front of the convento. The convento is an independent structure separated from the church by a road.


3 Responses to “Carcar Church”

  1. what is the specific name of carcar church????
    cause we have a crucial project in our history
    to be pass this friday…
    all i need is the name of the church..;’

  2. Nyle said

    Hello there.

    The specific name of carcar church is St. Catherine de Alexandria Parish of Carcar City Cebu.

    Whew.. I’m proud to say I’ve been once a youth leader on that church for a year and a half when Im still in Cebu..

  3. jk aranas said

    in what barangay this chucrch is bulit?

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