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Ilusorio House (San Ildefonso)

Posted by admin on July 27, 2006


5 Responses to “Ilusorio House (San Ildefonso)”

  1. eunice said

    this one should be restored and fixed!!!it should be preserved!

  2. Dei Garcia said

    I’ve been to this house like three decades ago! My nanay’s German boss always commented that this house got a “character”, viewing it from the hiway being right in the middle of the vast fields of Bulacan. On our way home to Manila from Isabella, my nanay remembered and abruptly told us as we passed by this house that his boss is so enchanted by this house. And so we were…made a quick u-turn and so we went trespassing beyond the iron gates. We saw a small house behind the property and it was the caretakers’ He told us stories and details (which proved true and correct, ‘coz after a few years I watched the house featured in the tv and featured in newspapers and magazines). Inside the house was ooohhh soooo amazing! The kitchen oven was a huge room-size kiln oven in heavy iron made in Switzerland. All of the house, inside and the furnishings at least were made of dark hard wood. Call us the intruders but my father even opened the unused huge antique cabinets on the upper floor. I was a young teener then, but my interest in houses was in great high that night (it was dawn at 6pm, imagine?!). Every corner and everything in the house seem to silently whisper their stories in my imagination, against my racing heartbeat. I wont forget this house, ever. May somebody give a much needed rescue to this house. It was so beautiful and well kept when I saw the actual house. Now it’s in shambles as I see in the internet and the papers…what a pity.

  3. regina said

    yan ung red house na sinasabi nila diba ? ung may mumu

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