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Maribojoc Church

Posted by admin on July 27, 2006

Santa Cruz Parish
Maribojoc began as a Jesuit mission in the 18th century. The Jesuits built a temporary church which the Recollects replaced with the present structure by 1886.

Heritage Features: Unlike other churches, the convento of Maribojoc is located behind the church rather than at its side. This gives the convento an unobstructed view of the sea, especially from the balcony that runs the length of the convento. The convento is approached through the sacristy and is a continuation of it. Above the sacristy is a room which has been converted to the Maribojoc museum.

The church is planned as cruciform. Its façade is plain, decorated by thin pilasters and niches with images of saints. The interior comes as a surprise because of the three Neogothic altars in the church. The traceries and finials of gilded hardwood are delicately carved. The main altar has an image of the Blessed Trinity and bas relieves of the life of Mary Magdalene. The church ceiling is made of metal and painted with catechetical and liturgical motifs

Photos from Ivan Anthony S. Henares
Text from Panublion Heritage Site


3 Responses to “Maribojoc Church”

  1. angging chiu said

    WOW.. i really miss this church! I’m really looking forward to visit soon!!!!!

  2. Nindot unta kaayo ang inyong town sa maribojoc kaya lang sukad nga naay gipatay diha nga labaw pa ang pagpatay sa hayop, mahadlok na mi mo bisita.

  3. joepao said

    you forgot to mention the remarkable sound of the old pipe organ if ever it was still playable.it was probably not that old since it was made of metal pipes and wood.

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