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Metropolitan Cathedral of San Fernando

Posted by admin on July 27, 2006

Cathedral of San Fernando (A. Consunji Street, Barangay Santo Rosario)

The first structure of wood and thatch was built on the current site by the Agustinian friars in 1755 under the patronage of San Fernando III, King of Castille. On October 17, 1757, towsfolk petitioned the governor-general for exemptions from tribute to enable them to build the church and convent. It was transferred to the care of secular priests in 1788. The construction of the present church started during the same year under the supervision of Fr. Manuel Canlas, its first secular cura parroco, and a committee composed of the principales of the town led by then gobernadorcillo Don Bernabe Pamintuan. Construction was completed in 1808 and was rededicated to the Assumption of Our Lady. Italians artists Giovanni Divella and Cesare Alberoni were said to have been commissioned to paint the trompe l’oeil ceiling murals.

President Emilio F. Aguinaldo and his cabinet viewed the Philippine Revolutionary Army from the windows of the convento on October 9, 1898. The church and convento were burned by the Philippine Revolutionary Army on orders of Gen. Antonio Luna, on May 4, 1899. It was again destroyed by fire in 1939, and later restored by architect Fernando H. Ocampo.


One Response to “Metropolitan Cathedral of San Fernando”

  1. Carlo Cunanan Chica said

    Never felt at home inside this church. As far as I could remember, my family would normally take me here every SUnday to hear mass. I became a member of the Knights of the Blessed Sacrament and tendered service for quite some time. Haunted as expected but my faith got stronger in this place.

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