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Naga Church

Posted by admin on July 27, 2006

San Francisco Parish

Originally a visita of San Nicolas, Naga became an independent parish on 12 June 1829. Fr. Simon Aguirre built the church in 1839, following the plans of Bp. Santos Goméz Marañón. Fr. Enriquez Magaz started building the convent in 1864 which Fr. Gregorio Ros continued in 1882, and completed by Román González in 1887. The bell tower destroyed by a typhoon on 25 November 1876 was repaired later. Both convent and the bell tower were destroyed in 1942. Mgsr. Cesar Alcoseba built new ones in 1974.

Heritage Features: Early 20th century photographs of the church depict a much simpler façade, and the recessed position of two flanking towers indicate that the façade was renovated after it was completed. But as it stands, the façade is the most compelling aspect of the church. The lower register consists of plain pilasters rising to the second story where a frieze of angels and triangular patterns resembling banderitas, paper flags hung during fiestas. The upper register is a riot of embellishments: stars, angels carrying musical instruments, leaf patterns, arches and rosettes. The decoration come to a focus around two niches. The superior one houses a saint’s image while the lower one bears the Biblical injunction to preach the Gospel to all creatures. This niche is flanked by columns supporting Eucharistic symbols: the lamb, monstrance and cross. The new bell tower beside the church is in total disharmony with the façade.

Photos from Ivan Anthony S. Henares
Text from Panublion Heritage Site


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