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Nuyda House (Camalig)

Posted by admin on July 27, 2006

104 Responses to “Nuyda House (Camalig)”

  1. mel said

    This is my familial home. My grandparents home. The home that my mother was raised in. Its beautiful.

  2. margarita said

    this is also my familial home… my grandparents home… i miss the warm breezy nights there…

  3. Hi..we are probably know each other. i am also from Bacolod Libon Albay…my father was born in camalig and Nuydas are
    rooted in camalig…regards

  4. jenroe nuyda said

    i wonder if u knw angel nuyda, born at camalig albay 1897,
    u.s. army veterance

  5. jenroe nuyda said

    we’re nuyda from zamboanga city. anybody knws the history of my grandfather angel marcos nuyda pls. send me a message.

    • Joseph Jerome C. Nuyda said

      hi to you. I am also from camalig athough i am now residing in better living, paranaque city, my parents and grandfather are still residing in baligang, camalig. Hope i can help you by asking my father. I am also not so familiar with our family tree. You can keep in touch with me in this #’s 09162160694 & 09228424395.

  6. louie said

    I love the house I think it is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen, just by looking at it I can see the the rich history this home had seen, the dirt road, the spanish people and soldiers walking by, then the japanese military walking pass. This house is very historical for me, it is indeed beautiful. You should be proud of it.

  7. Jennifer Adams said

    My mom is Melisa Nuyda. Her grandfather was Congressman Faustino Nuyda. Her father was buried here and her mom (my grandma) used to live at the bottom where the house is boarded up in the picture. She says it’s very eerie there, may be haunted, but it’s a beautiful house. I just showed my mom the picture and she was so excited. We live in San Francisco, California here in the US. If there are any other Nuydas that want to keep in touch, please respond and I’ll be sure to tell my mom!

    • Sally Calleja Segarra said

      Hello, I am from Libon, Albay. My grandmother was Segundina Nuyda Samson also from Libon. I understand that the Nuydas of Bacolod, Libon Albay were from Camalig, Albay. Currently, I am residing here in Hayward,California with my family for the past 30+ years. We have been very active in the Penafrancia Fiesta Celebration in San Leandro. Pls. e-mail me.

  8. jenroe nuyda said

    we’re probably related since nuyda is rooted only in camalig. glad to knw that th

  9. jenroe nuyda said

    glad to knw u guys! nuyda are so few lets make more nuydas out there. he he!!

  10. Mel said

    Jennifer if you come back to check this site email me at melissanovio@yahoo.com and then we can communicate on a more private site.

    Once you email me, I can send you a link to our family tree and you can give me more info on your family so that I can add all of you to the tree.
    Oh, and if we do have the same great grandfather…his name is Justino Nuyda not Faustino. Hope to here from you soon.

  11. Missy said

    My grandfather was D’Jahlma Nuyda. I think this is the house i’ve heard stories about. Tons of them. It’s nice to see a picture of it!

  12. Nery Nuyda Ronatay said

    Hi! I come from Bacolod, Libon, Albay. I understand that my grandfather was Esteban Nuyda, and I heard a lot of stories about him. I was told he used to work for the American Navy, one of the first Filipinos to do so. He was also related to Justino Nuyda, I was told.

    There are few Nuydas in Libon, and what I gather was Esteban’s sister married a Calleja. I never got the chance to know the rest.

    I am hopeful a genealogical trace be done.

    • Doods said

      Nery, could you email me? I need to ask your permission to publish one of your poems. I would also like to ask for a bio-note. Thanks.

      • kirk said

        Hi doods! Pig-email ko ika.

        Nadagos baya su project mo na gusto mong iiba su saro kong rawitdawit?

  13. jenroe nuyda said

    hi Nery! what was ur grandfa’s middle name? email me at jeremynuyda@yahoo.com
    maybe we can trace them up, i also trying to reconnect my grandfa’s missing link. he was angel m. Nuyda a U.S. army veterance born 1897 at camalig albay.

    • Nandi Nuyda Sidlacan said

      Hi Jenroe, am Nandi Nuyda Sidlacan from Bacolod Libon Albay. Nery is the son of my Mom sister. Thanks I found this site.

  14. Nery Nuyda Ronatay said

    hi jenroe! just got a confirmation from my sis. esteban’s middle name is vasquez…

  15. marcos c. nuyda said

    mygrandpa is angel nuyda from camalig albay but migrated in zamboanga city nunez st. i was also born in zamboanga city my dads name is marcos a. nuyda

  16. marcos c. nuyda said

    my lolo is a us veterans my lolas nmae is adela nuyda

    • Avelina Jansen said

      Hi, Marcos,

      If you are the Marcos Nuyda of Ateneo in class with me (Avelina Castillo) during Father Montero’s and Father McNally’s time, I would be pleased to hear from you. The Marcos Nuyda I remember was also in the same Bachelor of Arts class in Father Hidalgo’s Spanish class at the Ateneo de Zamboanga. He was also a classmate of my cousin, Antonio Agustin. If you are and inclined to stay in touch, you can email me at:

      I hope the years after graduation from Ateneo have been good and prosperous for you. Regards


      • jeremynuyda said

        marcos a nuyda of ateneo de zamboanga already passed away, he is the brother of my father josefino nuyda. and a father of Dr.marcos nuyda his son. regards!

  17. Jazzy Yuhico said

    I hope this helps everyone…the Nuyda clan starts with Congressman Justino Nuyda and Purificacion Avecilla Nuyda. They had 11 children, namely: Haydee (Eding), Rizalino (Nino), Rene (Rening), Hermel (Iming), Purificacion (Cielo), Justino Jr (Tining), Glenn, Jeciel (Jeck), Djahlma, Myrla (Goy) and Leila (who died at a very young age).

    My grandma (Purificacion) passed away after Myrla. Then my grandfather (Justino Sr) remarried and had 11 more children with Lola Pising.

    Cielo married Delfin (Ching) Yuhico and had 9 children. I am the 7th child. This ancestral home is my childhood home. There are many stories that may be scary to the common folk but I never pesonally experienced anything. All I have are many fond memories of my childhood years in this beautiful house.

    • federico (dick) gonzales said

      Dear Jazzy,
      I am trying to trace my friend and classmate from Mapua, Jeciel (Jake) Nuyda when I
      saw this website about your house in Camalig Albay. Is Jake still alive? I would like to contact him if possible. My email address is dickgon1@san.rr.com. If you can
      relay this to him I would appreciate it very much. I would like to know what happened to him these last 55 years.
      Thanks and god bless
      Federico Dick Gonzales

      • Jazzy Yuhico said

        Hi Dick,

        Yes, Uncle Jeck is very much alive. In fact, he is the lone survivor of the 1st generation Nuydas. He lives in BF Homes, Paranaque. I’ll give your info to his son so they can contact you.

        Thanks and God bless!

      • jazzy,
        I still have not received any info on Jeciel Jeck Nuyda. Is he still alive? can you furnish me his home address so i can write to him? Thanks and God bless/
        Federico (Dick) gonzales

    • Augusto M. Marquez, Jr. said

      Dear Jazzy Yuhico.

      First, let me convey our sincerest condolences on the demise of your father. I learned about it today.

      I am a PMA graduate and when I learned that your father passed away, I reminisced the happy times during my childhood when he used to visit us at home in Binanuaan for those drinking binges with my father, the late Konsehal Agot Marquez, and their friends.

      May I ask if your father was a PMA cadet when the war broke out? You see, the PMA Alumni Association is asking me if this is so. Be that as it may, your father deserves full military honors. Please make arrangements with the nearest Army unit in Albay, the 9th Infantry Division, in Daraga.

      Jun Marquez

  18. Jazzy Yuhico said

    correction in the 2nd paragraph:

    My grandma (Purificacion) passed away after Myrla (Auntie Goy) was born.

  19. Sunny R. Nuyda said

    My roots came from Camalig Albay.I’m here in Dubai U.A.E for 17 years now.

  20. Cenn Andrew Nuyda said

    Hi i was doing a research for my daughteron great leaders I came across thos site.I am one of Cong. nuyda’s grandson from his ypungest son roy…It would be nice to get in touch with other relatives..We live just across the ancestral house.

  21. it would help a lot if we try know our great-great grandfather, and we wll come up w/ one great ancestor. hey Marcos Nuyda, we got one grandfather Angel Marcos Nuyda. regards to u!

  22. my granfa Angel Nuyda was born 1897 at Camalig Albay, and migrated in Zamboanga City in 1919. He was a U.S. Army veterance

  23. myrnalyn orense nuyda said

    hi! nice knowing my “ka-nuyda” out there. i came also from camalig, my grandfather is juan camacho nuyda, my father is cesar nebreja nuyda. iheard from my father those names given by jazzy yuhico. though i have not met them personally..

  24. hi! nice to see this site.. my grandfather is also from albay, he’s Carlos Nuyda 🙂

  25. Joshua Adam Nuyda said

    im roy nuyda’s son…i miss bicol…tita fairy and tita odie still lives here… this house always gave me the creeps everytime i pass-by here during the night…hehehe i miss auntie lei!!!!she lives just across this house…

  26. kanus said

    My love live in that house.I wish that i can go inside the house someday.

  27. BubroL said

    Look guys.. it was devastated by the typhoon Reming.. there are some damages “some”… rooms that can never be enteres… people there are good… Thanks

  28. Hi der.Im from Nuyda clan my father is Cesar Nebreja nuyda son of Juan Camacho Nuyda.According to him he stayed with Purification Cielo during high school days now Im hir in San Carlos, Binangonan,Rizal.Thanks

  29. Blair Nuyda said

    I came across this picture and it evoked in me memories. although i’m based in manila now, my family is based in camalig. we live along the same street as the ancestral house. My grandfather is Elias Nuyda Sr. (who passed away last year).

    • joe nuyda said

      Hey uncle blair….just going through the blogs…..my dad is Jose “peping” nuyda 2nd son of Francisco “eco” Nuyda in Australia…
      dapat lang siguro pagtiputinin natin su mga nuyda kasi sa sobrang dami dae n ninda aram su mga sanga where they fit in…even our own branch where the three brothers are..dakulon baga… samuya sana…more than 70 n kami…from papa “eco” pa sana yan….eh i was trying to do a family tree….samuya pa sana give up na ko…..daculon ke branches…hehehehe..if u know what I mean…..uragon baga su mga Nuyda….Hehehehe….

  30. Kalin Franco said

    Hi! Justino Nuyda is also my great-grandfather. I’ve met some of the Nuydas who have left messages here =) I and my other first cousins (thus also Justino Nuyda’s great grandchildren) were raised in Camalig.

    I’ve always been interested in “Papa”. Been trying to know more about the great man, so was pleasantly surprised to come across this site. I hear that he was also a writer and wrote a sarzuela entitled “Anti-Cristo”. If anyone knows where to find a copy, please do leave a message. Thanks!

    • Roy Robert Nuyda said

      Purchased a book on Bicolano Dramatic Tradition on some rare book bookseller on the internet. Aside from the original bicol version it has an english translation as well. It also has a few pages on Lolo Tinong’s other works and his style of writing.

      Ill scan it and post it on my website once I get back home.

    • yaba manay titing here, i came across a copy of that sarswela in legazpi city… try looking for it in the city library … very old copy na yaba

  31. Lilyn Nieva said

    Children of the second family are: Rustico, Lilia, Ave, Leila, Brenda, Marte, Cenn, Roy, Lei and Nereida.

    Justino Nuyda’s my great-grandfather. Her daughter Lilia was my grandmother.

  32. Gerol Del Pilar said

    i have a copy of Anti Cristo… and the first ever film Anti Cristo… originally Justino Nuyda work… contact me here… bubrol@yahoo.com 0r txt me 09065750333…

    it is written PURE BICOL… sana nakakaintindi ka po ng Bicol…
    salamat din sa PAMILYA at sumuporta saamin…. l

  33. Hope Nuyda said

    Lolo Tinong and Lola Pising’s children … 11 kids … and in order of birth ….Lilia, Herlita, Rustico, Ave, Leila, Brenda, Marte, Cenn, Roy, Lei, Nereida …

    still around to help us in tracing our family history and genealogy are Herlita (Elit), Brenda (Bren), Roy, Lei, Nerei …

    Lola Pising (Felisa Perez Nuyda) …

    Hey Jazzy! .. sounds like we are the oldies in this group 🙂 …. third generation Nuydas hahahaha 🙂

  34. Hope Nuyda said

    Justino Napay Nuyda (Lolo Tinong’s full name) … he is the only son of Cenona Napay and Eustaquio Nuyda.

  35. Marc Miranda said

    I’ll always remember Auntie Ody, she was the silver-lining in my childhood.

  36. DJ Yuhico said

    Wow, what a huge family! 22 kids?! Daang!

    I remember hating to visit that house the few times we vacationed in my childhood. I was always too creeped out, especially after hearing crazy stories from Lola Cielo and her siblings. I stil remember the Kapre story – one of Lola Cielo’s brothers saw one outside the house on his way home one night. My dad (Jazzy) always told me that he grew up in this house and never saw anything supernatural, but I knew better. I also remember the story of Lola Tita’s butt being squeezed while taking a shower. They later found out that there was someone buried underneath. How can u not get scared as a kid?

    • Chip said

      How about the encantos? Or the bloody handprint? Or your the ghost of your great grandmother’s laying of her cold hands on your great grandfather?

    • have you heard of the story about the sounds of somebody dragging chains in the middle of the night????? or the white lady crying ??? or the headless priest sa me tulay???hahahahah!!

      • DJ said

        Yup, I remember all of those except for the sounds of dragging chains. But the bloody hand and great grandma’s ghost are classic stories!

  37. DJ Yuhico said

    I also heard that Marc Miranda used to run naked around the Bicol house as a kid.

  38. jhane MoratallaBrown said

    I used to walk-by there a lot coz i live in GAPO.The house looks nice and it’s really big.HI EVERYONE..Give me an email

  39. Melvin Benosa Nuyda said

    Im a son of George Grageda(Olisa)Nuyda from Guinobatan, Albay ang lolo ko ay si Celestino Nuyda, sabi nya ng papa ko ang grand lolo ko raw ay si lolo tinong (justino) isang kongresista noong panahon nila, sa Camalig talaga raw nagmula ang Nuyda. Usually sa Guinobatan ako nagbabakasyon kina tita Deliah NUyda Pauyo, ewan ko lang kung buhay pa yun bahay nila kasi sa bagyo.Yun lang….
    Im here in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Meron ba ditong mga ka-Nuyda? kindly give me a call. Thanks!!!!
    roaming ko 09162792404

    • dina nuyda ramiro said

      I am also belong to the Nuyda in guinobatan, albay as they said ‘coz i’venever been there. my father is pedrito neo nuyda and my grandfa in pedro nuyda. just glad to know n marami pala ang mga nuyda.

  40. Joseph Jerome C. Nuyda said

    hello to all ka-nuyda. My roots is also from camalig. We are the only nuyda in baligang, camalig, albay. My 90 year old WW2 U.S veteran grandfather is Ireneo Gomez Nuyda Sr. with 7 children namely florizel (zel), irma, luisito (eto), rodolfo (rudy), ireneo jr. (jun), nancy & annabelle. My grandfather with my tita irma still live in baligang. My parents, florizel & sonia callos nuyda returned to our home in baligang after their retirement in baguio city. We are presently residing in better living, paranaque city.

  41. Hiram-carl nuyda rebua said September 26,2009 I am also a boy from the Nuyda family coz my mother Mary Charity Nuyda Rebua
    the third born daughter of Marte Nuyda the first born son of Justino nuyda

  42. I am a son of Mary Charity Rebua,daughter of Marte Nuyda and Grace nuyda wen I was in grade 1 my mother always took me to that house and sleep there if there is no classes i am also guinobatan,albay because my father lived in that town My science teacher Ms. Teresita Nuyda is also a member too, then that house is full of remembrances my mother said,

  43. hi everyone….Im Charity Nuyda Rebua…. sister of hope..(third generation nuyda) sure nice to know u all…im living in guinobatan albay but i grew up with mama pesing and auntie lei in camalig.. not in the ancestral house but right next to it ..I met NUYDA’s here in guinobatan too as mentioned by my son Hiram-carl…..Hey loveroy, and ocles !…. remember the “kanda trees” in front of the old house?? where we play “darakupan” ? hehehe … playing tagged, monkeys style hahahaha or ” shatu ” on the streets???? MALANG OOGMA TA SADTU UNAN??

  44. jeremy nuyda said

    kumusta sa lahat! hope to have our grand reunion! mabuhay ang nuyda!!!he he…nice to hear u guys

  45. jeremy nuyda said

    im nuyda from zamboanga city the 3rd generation!!!my granfa originally came from camalig born 1897, the longlost cousin of all nuydas there during their time! hellow everyone!

  46. nenita nuyda deleon said

    hi, my name is nenita nuydd deleon. my father’s name is wilfredo nuyda.His brother’s name is juanito nuyda and his sister’s name is mely nuyda. my father’s dad was a musician i dont know him. my father belonged to a group called “the hunters” they were featured in the movie “combo festival” by LVN Productions. my father was a guitarist.i dont know any of my relatives in bicol. he told me he was born in bicol but i have never been there. pls help me track down our ancestors. this is great i’m so glad that we have this thing going on.i live in antioch, ca. my number is 925 777-1037. my cell is 925 207-9485

  47. Nisha Sanok said

    Hi everyone, Im Nisha, daughter of Blossom Nuyda, my brother is Marc Miranda, we are the grand children of our Lolo Nino. Its so nice to see everyone coming together here. I remember this house so well, I remember my lola making coconut milk every day and eating HUGE meals at the long table. And I can remember my Lolo sitting in his chair playing Pusoy Dos or Tongits. I love this place, you really feel your roots when you come here

  48. Rose Clemente said

    this house looks so familiar to me, I guess this is where I visited my AUL favorite Political Science teacher, Ms. Heide Nuyda.

  49. Augusto M. Marquez, Jr. said

    Ya’ding balay sa Calzada, ayo didi momo’. Hehehe. I used to visit here coz’ Benjie Nuyda is a friend.

    I was born in W. Vinzon’s St, Binanua-an, Camalig, across Tiong Ping Marfil’s house.

    My late father was a town councilor.

    Delfin Yuhico, Marte Nuyda, and the other Nuydas were very close friends (drinking and rondalla buddies) of my late father. I even have old pics of them.

    P/SSupt Jun Marquez

  50. john kevin nuyda said

    wow!!! i didn’t knw that i cud find sumthing lyk this in hir. i also want to know about great grandpa justino nuyda. i’ve been living in that house for 19 years nao with lola glor, auntie ody and auntie fairy eheh… hi everyone ^^

  51. Good day everyone! I’m Jed Villanueva from the Tourism Office of Camalig. Our group is looking for more information about this old Spanish House for research, inventories, documentation and promotion to be included in the tourism packages of our municipality and for future use. We conducted interviews to the present owner of this houses but the information we got is limited. Can we solicit from you other relative information of this house specially during the Spanish Time, Japanese Regime and many others. Thank you very much!

  52. virginia (jean) parazo said

    To my friends and former classmates from the Lyceum of the Phiippines:

    Myrnalynn Nuyda & Rober Nuyda….warmest regards to you both. Trust that
    all is well as i am, here in Toronto, Canada.


  53. Hi everyone, ‘am Verra Corazon Verdote Ramirez-Herrera from the Tourism Office in Camalig….as a child, i have heard lots of stories about this magnificent ancestral house since my grandfather, Federico (Picong)Nogot Verdote and the Nuydas of his time were friends… I happened to be a graduate of the Bicol University Institute of Communication and Cultural Studies in 1997 and we have as a subject Bikol Studies, we have come across the zarzuela written by the late Justino Nuyda in a book entitled “Bikol Voices Anthology”. Just happened to come across this site and wonder if we could be provided a copy of the film as mentioned by Gerol del Pilar….
    Thank you very much and we hope that we could once more bring back the glory of Camalig

    • Hello,

      My great great grandfather was Angel Verdote of Marinduque. I am trying to find out where he came from and know there are a lot of Verdotes in Bicol. Does anyone have any knowledge of the family origins? Thank you!

      You can send me email at kjb (at) post.harvard.edu

  54. Edgardo Nogot said

    Good day!This is only an inquiry.I’m trying to trace my grandfather’s place.Maybe someone knew him.He’s Tranquilino Nogot.My father says he’s from camalig, daraga or guinobatan.My father don’t know my grandfather’s place because he just only stowed away to sorsogon and my father has been only once in my grandfather’s place when he was a very young child. My grandfather died when my father was only about 10 yr. old. It was said that my grandfather’s father was disabled, walked with a ‘saklay’.

  55. karen said

    oh no! i already dreamt this house and didnt even know that this was existing pala i thought it just in my dreams… talagang napanaginipan ko tong bahay na to… with all the plants around it… di ko akalaing dito ko lang pla makikita yan ulit…

    therefore i coonclude de javu is true

  56. Edsel Nuyda Reyes said

    Isang masayang pagbati sa inyong lahat, ako po ay isang NUYDA rin, ang aking lolo ay mula sa Guinobatan, marahil ay sa mga “unknown Nuyda” kami nagmula, pero ganon pa man, ay isang karangalan at kaligayahan ang makabasa ng mga bagay na tulad nito…. mabuhay kayong lahat….


    do you happen to know someone by the name Betty Labor? She’s my mom and according to my birth certificate, my father is a certain Juanito Negrite Nuyda, I was born Dec. 23,1965.I can’t extract any info from my mom. If you know any info about him pls let me know, I will really appreciate it.

  58. Jhun Mark Nuyda said

    My Granddad name is Celestino Nuyda wifes name Martha Villarosa from Camalig Albay

  59. melodie said

    Hi my grandmother’s surname is nuyda , zenaida nuyda mortiga her mother is paula nuyda who died when she is still 3 yrs old she left bicol wer she is stiil ver young her father is andress mortiga. never knew any relatives from nuyda side since she was very young. she only recall that she has three oldmaids aunties but never know the names. hopefully we can able to find our ther relatives. here is my email add melodieptrp@yahoo.com.

  60. Darling Ortega said

    This is the house that Congressman Nuyda bought from my Lola according to my late father Alfredo Ortega Sr. and his 2 brothers here in the states , Marino and Jimeno

  61. Darling Ortega said

    My Lola’ name pala is Segundina Napay Ortega first cousin cla n Congressman

    • Lorevi Napay said

      We are only direct descendants to Elias Napay (brother to Segundina) the only son of Sergio Napay and only Son of Don Sixto Napay whom this house originally belongs to. The story? Every old timers of Camalig can tell the real tail.

  62. Melo said

    I was wondering around the net just now and suddenly thought of searching the whereabouts of my grandmother’s family. She is Zenaida Nuyda Mortiga and she had two other brothers named Bienvenido and Andres (both were deceased). According to her accounts, her parents name are Paula Nuyda and Andres Mortiga (who was some sort of political person back in the days with some spanish bloodline). The sad story is that when their mother died, they were all sent here to Manila at a young age by their tita’s and tito’s. We tried to dig details but her memories were at best blurry …mainly because she can’t process details back then but mostly because of anger and disappointment she felt due to their banishment. She recalls before her mother died, that she lived on a big house with large religious relics and even remembers the necklace and earrings her mother had. She met my grandfather (Gaudencio Paloma Mora) during the war.

    I don’t know where this is going but i just thought someone out there might knew her history before everything fades into background. She grew up without knowing any family. We ask her sometimes about it but she often kept her mouth shut. Anyways, i hope one of you can fill out some details. I’m her grandson btw. Good day!

  63. ChENg :) said

    hi every one! lolo lolas! tita’s tit0’s! cousins and to all my relatives how are u all? im cheysser nuyda from camalig albay..daughter of Mr. Ariel nuyda and Mildred Polidario Nuyda. my father was the son of my grandfather lolo Jackpalan Nuyda and lola elena nuyda both were already passed away..My grandfather Jackpalan was the son of my great grandfather Justino Nuyda (di q n naabutan 😦 ……………………im just happy knowing that super dami pala akong relatives n Nuyda..im still living in camalig albay..im 22 yrs old now.. pls try to call or text me in this no. 09124816973 or add me in facebook cheyssern@yahoo.com

    • Karl said

      Hi Cheng, Would you or your parents know a Ruperta Nuyda Samson? She is my wife’s grandmother. Ruperta’s mother is Segundina Nuyda. They are from Libon, Albay. Let me know if you or your parents know these names. Thanks.

  64. pablo nuyda jr. said

    hi. I’m also a nuyda and pure bicolano. i was born in pasacao. I don’t know if we are related to each other. gusto ko makilala ang lahi natin mga uragon

  65. ako rin sali sa nuyda nuydahan nyo ^_^

  66. Hello everybody, my great grandfather is a US Veteran, his name is Angel Nuyda.


  68. Gloria Arcinue said

    I’m related to Veronica M. Arevalo married to Rene Nuyda,
    Reve “Bamban “
    Myrna Lynne
    Renee Jr “Tanggoy”
    Elaine “Venice”
    Billy John “Billie Boy”

  69. melodie said

    My great grand mother is paula nuyda married to andres l mortiga a former cabesa de barangay. My grandmother is zenaida nuyda mortiga. They are from albay.

  70. RIRISH said

    My grandmother told me that Congressman Nuyda was her grandfather because her father is Congressman Nuyda’s nephew, so that means I’m a descendant too.

  71. This page truly has all the information and facts I needed concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask. |

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