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Silay Church

Posted by admin on July 27, 2006

Ruins of Spanish colonial church built of rubble and coral stand beside the present church. The old church was ruined by fire in 1926 but instead of rebuilding the damaged structure, the present church was built perpendicular to the ruins in the 1930s. Designed by an Italian architect named Verasconi, the church was almost totally funded by the Ledesma family.

Heritage Features: The church is an interpretation of Romanesque and Renaissance designs. The prominent Roman arch of the façade is Romanesque, however, the twin bell towers and the dome over the transept crossing is Renaissance. The single-nave, cruciform church is flanked by aisles separated from the nave by a colonnade. Varnished hardwood altars decorate the interior. Floral elements decorate the reredos which are a harmonious blending of arches and niches.


2 Responses to “Silay Church”

  1. nina said

    my great grandfather, Lucio BERNASCONI ( verasconi is not his last name,it was spelled incorrectly.)he originated from milan,italy and moved to silay city,negros occidental ,philippines. he was married to a pilipina-american woman and had 2 sons.his death was caused by a lose gun during a hunting trip.

  2. Erashyne said

    very beautiful..
    and i love the church so much…
    it was my mom’s dream to go at dat church…
    finally wen we get there were both amaze of the church..
    love it for maintaining it clean…
    im looking forward to go at dat church again…

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