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Silliman University Church (Dumaguete City)

Posted by admin on July 27, 2006


12 Responses to “Silliman University Church (Dumaguete City)”

  1. sarah said

    please put historical and architectural background. how it is built, where was it patterned after, who built it, etc. thanks. it will be rather educational. many students will be pleased to find out about this site.

  2. Very beautiful architecture. It accents the natural beauty of Dumaguete. This is one of the many buildings I did not see during my trip.

  3. Would like to know the times of Sunday and weekly services?

  4. Very lovely photo.I’ll be sure to visit the church on my next trip.

  5. Jeremi Joy said

    pls put some little descriptions.more oeople also students will support this website if u have some descrpitions.

  6. Penn T. Villanueva-Larena said

    This is our Church one of the beautiful churches in the Philippines if u need info or historical background email me negrostour@gmail.com or larenatours@gmail.com

    This is our HERITAGE & PRIDE

    Penn T.Villanueva Larena
    Negros Historian

  7. gloria Smitka said

    We recently visited Dumaguete City and I made it a point to visit the Silliman University Church. The architecture is impressive and it would be nice to have a brochure that gives a little more information – not just the history but also the current outreach of the church among the students and the community as a whole.

  8. pharaoh said

    We got married here.

  9. leandro said

    i visited siliman church a month a go. mas maganda yung central united methodist church s tm kalaw ermita, manila kahit halos same lng yung design ng church.check it out

  10. Morphy said

    Yup, I’ve seen the United Methodist Church in Kalaw and it’s beautiful as well. The Silliman Church, the United Methodist Church and the Ellinwood Church in Malate are typical examples of architecture during the American period that reflect Neo-gothic influences.

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    […]Silliman University Church (Dumaguete City) « Heritage Conservation Society[…]…

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