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Silliman University Main Building (Dumaguete City)

Posted by admin on July 27, 2006

Built in 1901 for the Silliman Institute, a school founded by the Presbyterians, the building functioned as the administrative center when the school expanded eventually becoming Silliman University, the leading university in Negros Oriental, noted for its outstanding programs like marine biology, its summer for creative writing, and for the Luce Theater, probably the best equipped theater outside Manila.

The main building, restored in 2001 for the centennial of Silliman, houses the University Museum. It is an excellent example of Victorian type architecture, noted for its use of filigree cutouts, its carved brackets and the overall light and airy atmosphere of the building.

Photos from Ivan Anthony S. Henares
Text from Panublion Heritage Site


5 Responses to “Silliman University Main Building (Dumaguete City)”

  1. This has to be one of the most recognizable buildings in the entire country. Very beautiful landmark for sure.

  2. ROQUE G. TIBOR, JR. said

    The Silliman Hall is great! It is the first and the oldest building in Silliman Campus by the sea.

  3. will said

    there’s something in there when you are actually near or inside this building…. say, nostalgia…

  4. Morphy said

    Of course, Silliman Hall a stick-style/victorian type of architectural beauty. According to the Silliman website, the present structure that we now see is the one built around 1909 as an addition to the original structure built around 1902-1903 now demolished. Unfortunately, the original structure was demolished to give way to the present administration building (Ruiz Hall) -the building on the right beside Silliman Hall. For more info about it you may try visiting this website: http://www.su.edu.ph/anthro_museum/museum.html

  5. richard ng said

    this university is the first university built outside manila in 1901.

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