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Daughters of Mary Convent (Naga City)

Posted by admin on July 28, 2006


5 Responses to “Daughters of Mary Convent (Naga City)”

  1. Hello!
    I am trying to contact Mo. Rosalina Enciso, D.M.
    From the last letter i got from her about three years ago, she was the administrator of St. Andrew Academy in Sangay, Camarines.
    I’d like to request for her present address and/or email where i can contact her.
    I live in Chicago. I used to be a resident of the DM Convent on Ateneo Avenue where she was in charge then during my college years at Ateneo de Naga College way back in the early 1980’s.
    THank you and I hope to hear from her soon.
    A Blessed Christmas to everyone.

    • Hello France,

      I was looking for something and it’s only now that I found your letter to Mo. Rosalina. I am Sr. Ely Nasol, DM and you’re right Mo. Rose is in Sagnay, Cam. Sur at St. Andrew Academy. You have posted a beautiful picture of our old convent which now have been demolished. I will tell Mo. Rose about you and this letter you have wrote. Hope to see you when you come to Naga. Am here in Ateneo Avenue where you stayed during your college years.

      Thank you.

      • Ma. Victoria G. Franco said

        Dear Sr. Ely,

        I am an orphan and i wish to find out more on my mother’s profile…i don’t have much info but i have a letter which was sent to my foster parents dated July 10, 1975…the sender’s address was Daughters of Mary #45 Ateneo Avenue, Naga City…and so I am hoping this is the address of your institute and that i may ask for the information that i am looking for…i will leave my email add where you can reply…thank you and hoping form your kind response regarding this matter.


    Please may I have the email address of the Daughters of Mary Mother of the Church Congregation so that I can use it to forward my application to the vocation directoress.I am Chinasa M. Ikerionwu, from NIGERIA,but in Rome studing

  3. Maria De Jesus said

    To the DM congregation,

    Peace! A very warm
    Appreciation in behalf of Filipino community in Townsville for having the DM sisters(Sister Alma, Sister Amen) around and sharing their time, talents, wisdom with us.

    And we would also like to extend our very warm appreciation for Sister Catherine Villmartin’s contribution for the short period that she is with us, specifically for the Filipino kids…… For sharing her time, effort, talent, dedication, wisdom.
    Kindly send our loved and appreciation to her and hopefully she recover fully and can come back in the future ro continue what she has started here, if God will permit.

    Our love and prayers for the DM.

    Tugangs from TSV(Australia)

    We can have our plans but the Final outcome is in God’s hands. Prov. 16:1

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