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Lopez House (Guagua)

Posted by admin on July 29, 2006

9 Responses to “Lopez House (Guagua)”

  1. nkp said

    indeed a great form of a spanish architechture… owned by the Lopez’s and the only heir Filipinas Pineda (my grand mother). it surpassed all the calamties that hit pampanga, and it standing strong at the middle of the suburbs in guagua…

  2. Don Gueco said


    Our ancestral house in Guagua, Pampanga.

    Built in the 1930’s. It was owned by Doña Juana and Don Alejandro Lopez.

    In the 1935 telephone directory the house was named as “The Pride of Guagua Pampanga”

    When the Japanese invaded the Philippines in 1942, Doña Juana and Don Alejandro left for Manila.

    Almost all of the houses were burned but the house was spared.

    A Japanese (Colonel/General) saw the house and occupied it. (Sato/Makato)

    It was said that the dungeon below the house was used to imprison the filipinos and americans that japanese caught.

    It was said that some of these prisoners died there because of torture and were left there to die.

    It is also said that there were tunnels leading to various places in Guagua.

    It contained several jars(banga) and other artifacts.

    When the Japanese left the Philippines in 1945 Doña Juana and Don Alejandro went back to the house. And the rest is history.

    Since the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991 the dungeon was buried in mud.

  3. Don Gueco said

  4. JAMESS:)) said

    .nadadaan ko’to pag papuntang school:)
    i could still remember, nagtatakutan kameng magpipinsan nung bata pa kame.kase people say that the house is haunted.pero ngayon i appreciate it more because of its extraordinary beauty. alam ko pinag’shootingan pa’to date.hehe

    • jason samson said

      hi. anu pong sinakyan nyo papunta sa st. mary’s academy? nasa sm pampanga sa san fernando po kasi ako anu pong sasakyan ko papunta doon?.

  5. don kristian bolanos said

    ron, bakit nung pumunta ako jan di mko ginala! hehehe! madami plang secret jan hehehe!! minsan gawa tayo movie, indi movie ha! hehehe! jan shooting!

  6. […] I wish I took a photo of the most enchanting/ haunting old house I have seen.. since I did not..I did a few research and here’s what I got (photo and history source) […]

  7. chico said

    Hi guys How di I get there? im interested in doing some photograply just like in the 30’s like the movie the Great Gatsby. is there any caretaker I can talk to? I’m related to a Songco family there…might help maybe?

  8. Kenjho said

    Hi po can see the house ? Im really amaze since highskul ….taga betis po ako

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