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Rizal Monument (Sariaya)

Posted by admin on July 29, 2006


One Response to “Rizal Monument (Sariaya)”

  1. Eric J. Dedace said

    Good evening! Thanks for the lovely photograph of the Rizal monument in my hometown of Sariaya, Quezon. This was done by then Kapampangan turned Sariayahin monument maker Eusebio Cortes, as commisioned by the Kapisanang Muling Sumilang, a pre war local organization. It wss inaugurated on Rizal Day December 30, 1924,with a lovely lass named Araceli Remo serving as the Reina ng Rizal Day then. Mr. Cortes likewise did the Glorita, a staired concrete Monument of eight ladies in Filipiniana, holding torches resembling Grecian Muses, that once stood opposite the Rizal monument on the east side of the then beautiful and well-kept park, as well as a host of sculptures that time. Mr. Cortes got killed along with other residents during the fearsome years towards the end of the Japanese occupation period.

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