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St. Vincent’s Elementary School (Bontoc)

Posted by admin on July 29, 2006


8 Responses to “St. Vincent’s Elementary School (Bontoc)”

  1. Tamar Hengeveld said


    Can anyone help me??
    I’m a 35-year old woman.
    I’m looking for Naty P Cabfeng.
    I met her in 1990 in Bontoc, Mt Province.
    Her children visited St vincents school.
    Names: Sam/Francel Yenn/ Vember Lee.
    Her eldest son died. She live(s)(d) in
    ‘pacturau'(?) up on the hill, near the chollate house/blue house in Bontoc.
    I lost contact after a long period of writing.
    I miss the contact very much.
    Does anyone know her??? Please help me, I live in The Netherlands, to far away to search for myself!!!

    Greets, Tamar Hengeveld

  2. I love this photo. I was the valedictorian of elementary class of 1969. I am so thankful for the education and formation of good values at St. Vincent’s. I used to ring the bell early in the morning, lead the flag ceremony once in a while, worked in the gardens, cleaned the rooms with a bunch of kids written up for talking too much (back then it was some form of punishment but in retrospect, it is good physical exercise and a way of building character), exhibited work product from home economics and art classes, learned to play rudimentary piano with Mother Ludovica (bless her soul)and had lots of fun playing in the school yard with my peers (and no escaping picking up a fight once in a while).

    I would love to return to celebrate my school, give thanks to our teachers, and reconnect with long, lost friends. As part of saying thanks, I have great plans of implementing a program which I hope to announce when all the pieces are in place.

    Maricar Madrid-Crost (also known as Baby of New Bontoc Pharmacy; now an immigration lawyer based in Chicago)

  3. Mary Ann C. Pakeo-an said

    Astig ang school natin! I love our school St. Vincent’s School. I was one of the loyalist awardee bec. i studied here from Kindergarten up to 4th year high school. I thank all the faculty & staff of SVS for giving us good educ. w/c i value most through my life. Tnx also for my classmates who in one way or another helped in our school assignments; proj. & all activities. Thank you for all the efforts/performance & accomplishments we achieved that made our school proud of us. Most of all i give back the honor;the power;the glory & thanks to our Lord God.

  4. Helen Abijay Orotea Apilado said

    I’m also a graduate of St. Vincent High School .It’s nice living in a cool place like Bontoc.I have many memorable moments in Bontoc.I miss my friends ,classmates there .Please make a call in these # 09205828348. My family friend Jerry Bacwaden, Mary Ann Torio ,Lourdes Akiate, Viola Okko ,,,How are you all. I’m Helen A. Orotea.Do all of you still remember me?

  5. Devin Manayos Mangayot Jr De Obet U Amin said


  6. Devin Manayos Mangayot Jr De Obet U Amin said

    Ang Panget Ng School Na ITO And2 Ksi Si Sayoyong Tarantado Gago At Si Otot Na Si Ms.Aral Pan Tarantadong Gaga Lahat Kayung Mga Taga SVS HIGHSCHOOL BOBO Kayu Bobo Leila And Jaime Siitting On A Tree K,I,S,S,I,N,G. Maerk Takut Amin Kag Kayu AMin Sinsinu AYEn Apapat NgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggGGGGGGG? Onong TkUT aDI amPy. NgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG?

  7. Hi. I want to know if this school still open? It looks boarded up. Can someone let me know. Thanks so much.

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