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Guiob Church Ruins (Catarman)

Posted by admin on December 10, 2006



3 Responses to “Guiob Church Ruins (Catarman)”

  1. rene b javellana, sj said

    This actually a complex of buildings not just a church. But the site is overgrown and needs cleaning to expose ruins of other structures. The complex is beside a cliff overlooking the sea, from which the sunken cemetery of Catarman Viejo can be seen. The cemetery marked by a reinforced concrete cross should be part of this complex.

  2. krizia said

    Ive gone already here, this church is very historical. because the time when mt. hibok-hibok erupted all kinds of structures had been damage and gone except with this church and as what Ive heard from a tour guide whose with us that time, the reason why this church haven’t totally damage its because there’s a miracle happened they said that Mary had appeared and cover the church. I’m not so sure but that’s what Ive remembered.

  3. […] stop was GUIOB CHURCH RUINS at Bonbon, Catarman which was devastated by a volcanic eruption in 1871 which wiped out the Spanish […]

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