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Kuguita Elementary School (Mambajao)

Posted by admin on December 10, 2006


4 Responses to “Kuguita Elementary School (Mambajao)”

  1. ah, there’s my elementary school!!!

    i was demoted here starting Grade 4 because i was cutting classes at Fatima College of Camiguin. i love to recall when we were playing catch-me games around the large grounds before and after our class. we’re really sweating going to class.

    radio drama? who forgets racing to nang lucing’s to listen our favorite “Diego Salvador” after our morning session and to nang tote dumalaga in the afternoon for “Juno”.

    after lunch, when we have time, we go swimming at the nearby beach impromptu … of course, naked!!! who cares?

    however, this humble school produced many successful professionals.

    it has a sentimental value to our family because our mom was a teacher in Grade 6 (no favoritism … no special favor for us!) and to our paternal grandfather Paulino who somehow done a charitable deed for the community. “it’s more blessed to give than to receive.”. i hope the “haves” in this generation will follow his example.

  2. The Kuguita Elementary School looks wonderfull now that it has been renovated by the Australian goverment. Hon: Rod Smith was here on May 27,2010 to hand over the building. We as parents of the school just want to say thankyou very much we are very proud of our school and teachers.

  3. Mari-Su Awatin. said

    One of our top students in Kuguita is going to the region in athletics Ansherina S. Awatin will participate in the 100m dash; high jump and long lump and besides that also in the speech “paralong 2011” it was the inspiration of the new school that made her proud to be a Kuguita student. Good luck Ansherina and also welldone to the school that made her what she is today.

  4. can you give a history of that school ? that is gabaldon building right ?

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