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Pascual Lim House (Mahinog)

Posted by admin on December 10, 2006


7 Responses to “Pascual Lim House (Mahinog)”

  1. This is My Great Grand Father’s House. But there are some changes in the house plan. Thank You very much for taking a picture of this house.

  2. jason said

    This is where the sister of my mom lives. They did not change it,they just restored it.

  3. Jason Lim Abao said

    This is where the sister of my mom lives. They did not change it they just restored it.

  4. Jeff Matthew Flores said

    They wouldn’t let us in how can I know that I’m wrong???

    • Thelma Lim said

      Dear Jeff Matthew Flores Uayan:
      My name is Thelma Lim, the granddaughter of Pascual Lim, who has taken the financial responsibility of restoring our very important inheritance. Please be assured that the Agelio Lim family value this house very much. We have lovingly taken care of this home, our home, which is an example of an early Filipino architecture. The renovation we did was so badly needed inside the house to structurally make this house survive the next hundred years. Please call me personally if you have further questions.

  5. daisy lim flores said

    I am also one of the granddaughter of Pascual Lim. I am thankful that Tio Embing’s family really value this house to renovate it, but my only regret is that my mother and her sister Tia Meding, the daughters and heirs of Pascual Lim,died without seeing the renovation or restoration. Why?? because they were not allowed to set foot inside their own house, their birthright.

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