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Bauang Railway Bridge

Posted by admin on December 31, 2006

Completed in 1929, the Railway Bridge over the Bauang River in La Union was the longest bridge ever built by the Manila Railroad Company. Today this bridge lays silent, abandoned after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo destroyed much of the track of the Manila


2 Responses to “Bauang Railway Bridge”

  1. Gerald said

    Hello,I happened to be a native of this place and as far I’m concern this Railway Bridge has been long abandoned and was not being used anymore years before Mt.Pinatubo Erupted in the 1990’s.And that the Bridge survived and withstood the great earthquake of 1990. When I was in my childhood We used to cross this bridge from end to end and enjoy the time sitting along the railings watching the magnificent view of the river all the way to the sea. Also High School Students who live at the North end of the Bridge used this as there everyday trail going to school to the South end and about a third of Kilometer away from the Bridge. The bridge had withstood the test of time from World War II, Earthquake and Corrosion that eats the steel.
    But didnt survive the jaws of Demolition that tore down the steel structure and scrap it in 2004. Now only the concrete structures are now that remains to it.A sad and a grim fate that once there was a Bridge outthere.

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