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Quezon Bridge (Manila)

Posted by admin on December 31, 2006

Spanning the mighty Rio del Pasig, the Quezon bridge, built in the 1930’s replaced the aging Colgante Foot Bridge. Designed in the prevailing Art Deco style, the bridge echoed the Sydney Harbor Bridge which no doubt was its inspiration.

7 Responses to “Quezon Bridge (Manila)”

  1. Bren D Buenaluz said

    Very nice shot of the Quezon Bridge. Any photo of the bridge that this replaced? The one that this one replaced?

  2. Peter Willems said

    Do you know what Gustave Eiffel exactly had to do with that bridge ?
    I read somewhere that he actually was the one that built this Quezon Bridge, commissioned by ‘the Spanish’ in the late 19th century and that it was the first of its type to be built in Asia … but … I don’t know …
    Maybe he only planned QB ? I wonder if was he was ever there himself ?
    QB is certainly much less known than … say: the ‘Eiffel tower’ in Paris.
    In fact, QB is much too little known . It certainly deserves a whole lot more … Almost nobody knows it ?!? What is this ?

  3. Bren D Buenaluz said

    This was the bridge that Quezon Bridge replaced – the Colgante Bridge –

  4. Here’s the Puente Colgante:

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