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San Juan del Monte Bridge

Posted by admin on December 31, 2006

Built in 1883 as a viaduct to supply fresh drinking water to Manila, the bridge over the San Juan River, drawn up by Geraro Palacios y Guerra, stands as a mute witness to the turmoils that led to the start of the Philippine-American War of

3 Responses to “San Juan del Monte Bridge”

  1. anya said

    is it true that the San Juan Bridge is not the “official” first battlesite of the Philippines? hope you could enlighten us in this matter since the plaque on the bridge has been relocated. thank you.

  2. Orly Guerrero said

    Bayani Fernando demolished the only visible remnant of the first water system built by the Spanish government in Manila. How much did Bayani Fernando make out of the sale of the cast iron pipes and the ancient adobe blocks. When He said that the viaduct blocked the water flow he was talking nonsense. At the viaduct, the water upstream was not higher than downstream during floods. How can the government tolerate such ignorance in a man whose favorite color is pink. Ughhhhh. When the level of Laguna da Bay gets high then the bad floods come.

  3. Orly Guerrero said

    As far as historical treasures are concerned, Bayani Fernando is a “bobo”!

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