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Archbishop’s Residence (Cebu City)

Posted by admin on January 2, 2007

Located at D. Jakosalem street, the Archbishop’s Palace of Cebu was constructed in 1953 during the incumbency of Julio Cardinal Rosales, the second Archbishop and the first Cardinal-Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Cebu, and the 25th residential bishop of Cebu since 1595. The facade has elements of both Baroque and Romanesque styles.

The original Arzobispado was an oversized Bahay-na-Bato which was once located across the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. However, it was damaged during World War II and another building now stands on its very site.

A few walks away from the Arzobispado is the Shrine of Blessed Pedro Calungsod.

Pope John Paul II was a guest in this house during his pastoral journey to the Philippines in the early 80s. President Ramon Magsaysay also made a stopover in its chapel to pray before flying in an airplane that crashed in Mt. Manunggal.
(Arnold Carl)

2 Responses to “Archbishop’s Residence (Cebu City)”

  1. so beautiful

  2. Mark Erwin C. Saldua said

    exact coordinates:
    N 123.8979721069336
    W 10.308944849302758

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