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Bank of the Philippine Islands (Cebu City)

Posted by admin on January 2, 2007

Photo taken by Arnold Carl Sancover

7 Responses to “Bank of the Philippine Islands (Cebu City)”

  1. katy said

    I need some information on this web site, or web page

  2. Alfaro everlinda said

    dear sir madaam, pls. if you have know the person name Ben Sarabia, he was working as a Messenger as i know 20 years ago. we are badly looking for him. His son Jeffrey try to find him we appreciete your cooperation in regards to this matter . and we are presently living in Hongkong. here is my email adress ax_lyn2000@yahoo.com. and u can leave a message . thank you and have a good day .bye
    we dont have any comments with your company but we are supporting this.

  3. Hi please credit me for the photos that I took, thanks..

  4. bato said

    we need to know the history and materials of this structure……thank you

  5. Antonio said

    Dear friends

    am lokking with this familiar of mind there are family names is
    Lavente, am lokking already for more then 26 years so pls if you
    know them you can Email me thank you so mach.

  6. Antonio said

    sorry, here my Email tun_ongoy@yahoo.com

  7. randy said

    good day…my name is randy and i want to report that i found a cheque by the account name of PERFORMANCE AUTO MOTOR GROUP INCORPORATED….it is pay to the order of ASIAN CARMAKERS CORPORATION….it has the amount of 22,355.70 pesos…and the account number is 1011-0250-87….i found this and if ever the owner is looking for this cheque my cellphone number is 09216254276…thank you…

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