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Capones Island Lighthouse (San Antonio)

Posted by admin on January 2, 2007

This light station is on Capones Island, Zambales, off the west coast of Luzon north of Manila. The lighthouse, built off the same plans as Isla de Cabra, is a 56 ft (17 m) square brick tower completed in 1890. The lantern and lens have been replaced with modern equipment. Noche found the tower to be in fairly good condition, but the keeper’s house is in bad shape. In March 2004 the Environmental Protection of Asia Foundation signed an agreement to restore the light station as the Capones Island Marine Conservation Research and Development Center.

For more information on San Antonio, Zambales, read Anawangin Cove in San Antonio, Zambales


4 Responses to “Capones Island Lighthouse (San Antonio)”

  1. Bing Santos said

    there are many ancestral houses in Zambales one of the most famous is the residence of Ramon magsaysay in Castillejos, theres also the Camara house in Iba. Also worth visiting is the Saint Augustin Church in Iba..

  2. yveski said

    I have a complete list of all 24 spanish lighthouses in the philippines and where to find them. A sailor also commented that there was one in cavite.

  3. Murvyn R. Callo said

    Why are the old and historic churches in Zambales not included in your list of historical Zambales sites. The Churches of Sta. Monica in Botolan, San Agustin in Iba (having one of the only two examples of “espadanas” in the entire archipelago), San Andres in Masinloc and San Miguel Archangel in Sta. Cruz certainly deserve mention. The church of San Guillermo in San Marcelino (with its bell dated to 1848)is very fine example and one of the few untouched exteriors of the American colonial type. The church of San Andres, undoubtedly, deserves a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation.

    Lighthouses are fabulous but there are more to Zambales than SBMA and Barrio Barreto with its beaches, bars and ubiquitous prostitutes! Go north and you’ll lose your head in Zambales!

  4. judith said

    how to get to camara houseL?

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