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Caraga Church

Posted by admin on January 2, 2007

32 Responses to “Caraga Church”

  1. rene b javellana, sj said

    The Jesuits established a mission in Caraga in 1876. The present church was built under Fr. Pablo Pastells, SJ in the 1890s. Pastells was responsible for establishing many missions stations and parishes along the Davao Oriental Coast.

    He is known for his correspondence with Jose Rizal, whom he had met as a student at the Ateneo. Rizal’s and Pastell’s extensive correspondence have been preserved. Fr. Pastells returned to Spain where he spent his later years writing a multi-volume work on the Jesuit missions in Mindanao in the 19th century.

  2. said

    I am from Caraga, Davao Oriental. I am so proud of my roots so as the heritage that i grown up with. I love this church very much. Parishioners do not wish to change it in order to retain its so-called ‘spanish touch.’ But i do not agree with this. The church looks so worn-out. It should have been repainted at least to make it appear clean and presentable.

  3. Vic Romero said

    This church is beautiful. I agree with Jé’s comment that the church should at least be painted. White. To give it a clean look. And at the same time preserve its original form.

  4. taga dito ako. . .

  5. it’s so beautiful Church for me. . . .

  6. AAEnriquez said

    The caraganians celebrated its 100 yrs(sentennial) of this
    church in 1996 and I’m so proud to be part of its history.My
    Dad was from caraga and going back in early 70’s as I recall,we as a family,attended church masses.The inside part of the church is really sturdy,they used “NARA” woods/lumber and its really well built church.Just needed some outside paints and some cosmetic work done.Its really a historic church and would recommend to visit this.

  7. Jose Eugenio said

    Regarding the idea of conditioning and old church, I suggest to you to take a loot to the church built by the Dominicans soon later 1859 in the south of Taiwan, and few years ago restored by the government. This is the link:

  8. hazel said

    hi there people! i really need help. is there anyone who can help me to inquire about the marriage certificate of my great grand parents. as far as i know they got married at the caraga church wayback 1920. pls… paki post reply if it is possible that i can still get that document. if they still have files on that… i will really go to caraga. pls…kung sino man mapunta sa church paki inquire. post ur reply here. thanks….

  9. hazel said

    hi again,

    oppsss sorry…i was wrong. i asked my mum…di pala 1920 kinasal great grandparents ko …kundi, 1916 0r 1917. pls… help me. any good samaritan? thanksssssssssssss

  10. hazel………….punta n lng craga., im sure d documents is der at the opis…. im from caraga……..

  11. d church must be restored………, 1 of the best church in the world, im proud of being a caragueno…mabuhay mga lumon

  12. muriel mangayao said

    ,, taga caraga kita mag-iban kita!!

    i agree with carlo.. ..
    try to go there,,,,

  13. muriel said

    im from caraga,,
    im so proud of dis place,,
    cozz our teacher in history,, really wants to go there to witness
    the place,,and most especially he wants to see the historical church of caraga, ,, and he is making reasearch about the said place…,,
    He always talk about CARAGA in our class,, hehehe…

    im so proud!!!!

  14. joseph said


  15. joseph said

    hehe..caraga is my home town!!!!!!!!

  16. Lavern said

    Have a post about this church at http://www.philippinetraveltour.com/2009/09/caraga-church-davao-oriental.html

  17. jovannie said

    Hi. Guys hows in Caraga I,m Caragenue
    i Believe Caraga Church
    is The One Of The Wondeful Church in THe
    Phililippines .and i,m Proud To be a caragenues
    kumosta kamo ngawn.

  18. i miss my homE town, CARAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. sen gaetos said

    Please include photos of the interior of the church and its surroundings. It’s nice seeing an old church like this.

  20. alice said

    yaH very nice talaga ang caraga, lalo na yung old church, yung bell yari sa TISA made from SHELL

    • lyn_from caraga said

      hi there!!!!!my hometown is in Ca raga and I’m very so proud that i belong to this beautiful place….kumusta da kamo ngawon?

    • lyn_from caraga said

      well as u said alice, caraga is a very beautiful place for me,especially the liksim beach,and bango beach….

  21. lyn_from caraga said

    mabuhay kita mga taga caraga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  22. nima said

    hi im taga caraga i proud dt place specialy the church i love it so mch…mbuhay knto tnan,

  23. nima said

    i mz fr.alex adaya in caraga church i was high skul i jst attend d mass to m8 fr.alex huhuhu

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