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Cebu Normal College

Posted by admin on January 2, 2007

Cebu Normal University was established in 1902 as a provincial normal school, a branch of the Philippine Normal School. The school building was constructed in 1924. It became an independent institution in 1924, a chartered state college in 1976, and a university in 1998. It is one of the oldest educational institutions in Cebu, with the enviable reputation of having produced a great many outstanding educators and public figures.

During World War II, the original school building became the headquarters of the Japanese Imperial Army’s Kempeitai or Secret Police. Some of its rooms were converted into prison cells. This school building today is like an open air museum with markers in some parts of it describing what it was during the war. (Arnold Carl)


4 Responses to “Cebu Normal College”

  1. I am interested to know if the college is no longer providing education to would be teachers as it used to be in the past. I have not been to see the college for many years since I left the Philippines.

  2. Hannah Joyce N. Matutina said

    The college is still offering courses for teacher education, CTE. in fact, in a recent board exam (last year perhaps), the CNU-CTE bagged a 100% passing rate.

  3. Gwen Fallarme said

    Would be interested to get information on your nursing curriculum for a niece that I would send to school out there.

    • Madam, you may visit our local Registrar. You may go inside the campus to acquire it. It is located at the right side of our administration building (picture shown above). Our Registrar staff would be happy to supply you with a copy of the nursing prospectus for your niece. I forgotten if acquiring it requires paperwork but it is still relatively easy to obtain a copy.
      You may also visit our faculty in Nursing. The campus guards and students are more than willing to point where it is. Aside from the general explanation for the nursing curriculum, the faculty and staff will be able to answer any questions relating to your concern.
      Hope these pieces of advice help you and anyone reading them.

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