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Compania Maritima (Cebu City)

Posted by admin on January 2, 2007

22 Responses to “Compania Maritima (Cebu City)”

  1. jdj said

    i hope that this structure will not be damaged by the on going SRP tunnel construction.

  2. albert san pedro said

    dear sir/ma’am,

    isa po ako naging employee ng compania matitima cebu branch. isa po akong checker noong 1979 to 1981. ako po ay na laidoff dahil nag file nang bankcruftcy ang compania. anyway noong nandyan pa ako. dyan na po ako natutulog pag may overtime kami at ang saya pa noon. sana wag ma demolish yang structure kasi naging maganda ang nangyari noong panahon. sana pagandahin pa nila ang building na iyan. salamat sa pagbasa ng akin comment. mabuhay po tayong lahat.

  3. mark sp said

    dear sir/ma’am,

    isa po ako naging employee ng compania maritima cebu branch. isa po akong checker noong 1979 to 1981. ako po ay na laidoff dahil nag file nang bankcruptcy ang compania. anyway noong nandyan pa ako. dyan na po ako natutulog pag may overtime kami at ang saya pa noon. sana wag ma demolish yang structure kasi naging maganda ang nangyari noong panahon. sana pagandahin pa nila ang building na iyan. salamat sa pagbasa ng akin comment. mabuhay po tayong lahat.

  4. Cathlyn said

    im a student from cebu and one of our projects is the conservation of the national heritage of the buildings in cebu.. its my first time to know the maritima building and I still need more information about it.. can you help me?

    Our project can be a great help in restoring the Maritima Building because we are given the permission from the government to help restoring it.. please help me and thank you very much!

  5. arki-misteryoso said

    Hi guys, patulong naman po..gusto sana namin malaman ang background ng maritima bldg. cebu.,.sa proj. po kc namin.,.about restoration and conservation. Napag.isipan mo namin nag lagyan ng historical museum ang bldg. Kung meron po kayong alam na bagay,etc. na malalagay namin..share us naman po.,.salamat po

  6. arki-misteryoso said

    aw.,.i mean napag.isipan po namin na lagyang ng historical museum.,.

  7. lyn said

    can you help me know the materials used in the building?
    we need it for our current plate..thank you

  8. bryanauman said

    Compania Maritima Building and its surroundings.

  9. Bryan Auman said

    hi im Bryan Auman!
    5th arch student of USC – TC.
    and we are currently making a thesis out of this heritage bldg.
    Adaptive Reuse of Compania Maritima Building.

    all you want to SEE INSIDE this building is in this youtube account.

    and if you have any ideas/suggestions/comments. feel free.
    we love to hear from you! 😀

  10. Bryan Auman said

    Although this building is popularly known as the Compania Maritima building, its name is actually the Shamrock Hotel. The Compania Maritima was was merely leasing part of the building to serve as its corporate offices. The Shamrock Hotel was located in the Fernandez Building which was built in 1910 on reclaimed land along with the new port. It is unknown who the past occupants of the building were, but in the 1930’s, Shamrock Hotel was its occupant. In 1934, the hotel printed out its own postcard as a means of advertising. The proprietor of the hotel was Mike Ryan. This building was later occupied by Compania Maritima.
    (Lucy Urgello Miller, 2010. Glimpses of Old Cebu, Images of the Colonial Era).

  11. Bryan Auman said

    Compania Maritima Building

    Address: Quezon Boulevard between P. Burgos and Lapu-Lapu Streets Section 10, Block # 044/E-49
    Type: Stevedoring Building and former Hotel
    Date: 1910
    Owner: Fernandez Hermanos, Inc

    The Compania Maritima building was originally built to house the offices of the Manila Steamship Company, which was located on the ground floor. The upper floors were utilized as the Shamrock Hotel. The building was later used by the Compania Maritima for its offices and likewise to house and entertain their visitors from is conception until the Second World War. The building was bombed down in World War II and has been left abandoned since.
    The building is 3 storeys tall and characterized by arched windows, Ornamental beams and Sculptured railings on its roof decks. The building represents a relatively rare example of an ornate commercial building. The prominent location of the building at the water’s edge ensures that the building is a prominent landmark and distinctive townscape feature.
    The building contributes significantly to the understanding the development of maritime, trade and shipping activities at the turn of the 20th century. The building has been abandoned since but is otherwise materially intact from the perspective of its facade and external detailing.

    Materials: Concrete

    Condition: Poor

    Modifications: None. The building has been abandoned since WWII and was left abandoned after it was destroyed in World War II

  12. Bryan Auman said

    The Compania Maritima building is a cultural significant heritage resource because of its strategic location being at the apex of the port. Its building form conforms to the building envelope of the other buildings in the precinct and provides linkages to the activities of the boardwalk / promenade of the Fort San Pedro complex. An adaptive reuse can be applied to this building which will conform ot the proposed uses of buildings in this precinct.
    The Compania Maritima possesses aesthetic and urban value as a prominent ornate building associated with the development of the Cebu Port area at the turn of the 20th century. The building is a prominent landmark on the waterfront as well as being a rare example of an early American Era commercial building. The building is architecturally elaborate and retains a certain iconic value within the WSDD. The building alludes to the social functions and the role of the Port as a center for commerce, communiations and social interactions. The building was one of the firsts built on th reclaimed port area in the early 20th century.

    Actions: Conservation, Adaption, Restoration, Conservation plan

    The Heritage Resources shall be maintained according to its original configuration and style, layout, textures, materials and colors. Maintenance and intervention works should be undertaken using traditional building materials and techniques wherever possible.
    The building envelope of the building should not be altered through additions.
    The spatial configuration of the building with reference to the street setbacks, heights, and building envelope and form should remain the same as detailed in the attached site, sketch plans and character precinct design guidelines.
    The building should be recorded using measured drawing for archival and management purposes.
    Architectural drawings showing the original configuration of the building should be prepared.
    A Conservation Plan should be prepared a detailing the measure for the maintenance and conservation of the heritage resources and its ground of physical setting. The Conservation Plan should also undertake research in to the history of the heritage resource including archaeological investigations where appropriate as well as detailing a sequential strategy. For the maintenance of the heritage resources including the preparation of a regimes of appropriate building materials based in the existing fabric of the building and traditional building techniques.
    The historic resource should be renovated internally to an approved interior scheme based on an earlier known design.
    The introduction of modern materials should be avoided on the exterior of the building.
    The building may be adaptively reused for non-traditional uses including the modification of the internal decor provided it does not structurally damage the building and is generally consistent with the cultural significance of the building.

    Demolition: Prohibited

    source // Cebu Waterfront Heritage and Urban Conservation Study 2000

  13. i am active in the preservation of warehouses in my Jersey City neighborhood. i was born in cebu and my family hails from baybay leyte, where we had just recently restored an inherited bahay na bato. i totally support the adaptive restoration/reuse of this great looking Maritima Building. Please reach out to me.

  14. teodora oliva said

    hi, can anyone tell me about the compania maritima? Not the building but company itself. When did it start doing business? What was its line of business? Does it still do business today?

  15. Deca Homes Cebu…

    […]Compania Maritima (Cebu City) « Heritage Conservation Society[…]…

  16. peachbuhat said

    oo nga cgoro no on ang ganda ng seawall maritima buil..eh kasi ngayon ang pangit na.

  17. jonales said

    dito ako pina ngank noong 1993
    at mariming memories nito ng kaibigan ko?

  18. rosejane said

    • Who is managing it at present, what is it doing to maintain its historical significance?

  19. Chenee Blanch C. Acuzar said

    Hi I’m an architecture student and my thesis about revitilizing a Philippine heritage building. Can we use this structure as our reference? Since, Compania Maritima is one of the historical structures in Cebu I think through adaptive reuse this precious relic will be relived again.

    • Chenee Blanch C. Acuzar said

      I wish you could help me in my thesis. I need the history, details of the structure and if you have the as built plans of this structure can you refer me where can i get information and data about Compania Maritima

  20. […] way to me while some others get lost in transit. Before heading home, I dropped by the abandoned Compania Maritima building and watched the sky […]

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