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Luzon Lumber Company (Cebu City)

Posted by admin on January 2, 2007

Sanciangco corner Leon Kilat Streets, Cebu City


3 Responses to “Luzon Lumber Company (Cebu City)”

  1. damz said

    cool.. i used to buy wood for the frames of my artworks here. Forgot the name of the amazing old woman who keeps this shop.. šŸ™‚ wish i can visit the place again..

  2. cebuanaforlife said

    amazing place – just visited it for the first time today. Manned completely by three old ladies (who informed me that they had a guy who sawed the wood into pieces). While I am for the preservation of our forests, it’s sad that business has really slowed down because of the decreasing demand for wood.

    Fact: The doors to the place were made with wooden nails, šŸ˜€

  3. Jude Alcover Reyes said

    we can supply lumber or timber mahogany around 30,000 bft. please advise if interested. pm me or txt 09298274804 located at bilar,bohol

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