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Mariano Cui House (Cebu City)

Posted by admin on January 2, 2007

Don Mariano Cui House near Fructuoso Ramos Street. This house was once occupied by the Casino Español when its original clubhouse across was renovated. (Arnold Carl)


3 Responses to “Mariano Cui House (Cebu City)”

  1. Arnold_Carl said

    Hi Ivan, thanks for including this in the HCS Database. I have additional information and some changes.

    This house is actually owned by Don Gil Garcia and his wife Teresa Escaño and not Mariano Cui as what I previously posted; I actually got confused with the names when this house was featured in a local newspaper here in Cebu years ago. They (Gil and Teresa) were also the same ones who designed it in 1932. They sourced hardwood from Dinagat Island off Surigao del Norte in Mindanao and hired all the craftsmen in town just to construct it. This house is also called a “Filigreed House” and I don’t what it means.

    I got all this info from an excerpt of an architecture book that was recently posted by Animo in SSC.

  2. A.chester Ong said

    I am working on a book on overseas chinese houses with Professor Ronald G. Knapp of SUNY upstate New York, we are sourcing for possible houses that belonged or were build by chinese expatriates, i would like to ask for you your recommendations, our preference is for houses in manila due to budget limitations, I was referred to this site By Ivan Dy and we have covered some houses by prominent filipino chinese in china and will be photographing houses in malaysia, indonesia and singapore. we feel that we must add a manila or a philippine section in our book. i would appreciate it greatly if you can get back to me with your thoughts

    a.chester ong

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