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Boac Cathedral

Posted by admin on September 26, 2007

This cathedral is a mere 10-minute walk from Boac town proper. It was built in 1756 in honor of the Blessed Virgin of Biglang Awa (Immediate Succor). It was here where Filipinos and Spaniards took refuge from pirate attacks. The architecture is Filipino-Hispanic Gothic with much of the original structure – the façade the main body, the belfry, and the altar – faithfully preserved. Stained glass windows, though a later addition, adorn the walls and enhance the age-old beauty of the church.


3 Responses to “Boac Cathedral”

  1. chateaudumer said

    The inside of the cathedral is more beautiful than the outside. I know because I am from Boac, Marinduque!
    Have a good day!

  2. chito said

    Dear Heritage Conservationists,

    Many thanks for featuring the Boac Cathedral.
    I remember when I was younger, before it was “renovated”, the walls of the church were made of white stucco and above two of the side doors, in the interior, were frescoes of some sort.
    The front of the main altar table as well as the two side altars were covered with embossed silver decorations. There were also silver candelabras as far as I could remember, and other old “santos” and relics and old vestments. The old stations of the cross which were painted on panels have been replaced by carved wood (imitation antiques). Most of the old artefacts I have mentioned have strangely “disappeared”. Even the wooden communion rails have vanished after the so-called “renovation”.
    There are other heritage buildings in Boac apart from the cathedral and I hope you will have the chance to document them before they disappear. The other five towns like Gasan have spectacular ones as well like the Coral house if I can remember it correctly.
    Kudos to all the good work you are doing and wishing you all the best.
    Chito Mandia
    Boac, Marinduque

  3. dindo asuncion said

    i beg to disagree – architecture is “earthquake baroque, not fil-hispanic gothic! for example, where are the gothic spires?

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