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Ledesma Mansion (Jaro, Iloilo)

Posted by admin on September 26, 2007


73 Responses to “Ledesma Mansion (Jaro, Iloilo)”

  1. cathlyne bennett-reyes said


    Ilove old houses! Please tell me when the Ledesma house was built? Also, do the original owners still live there? My maternal grandmother was from Jaro. Her name was Carolina Ledesma Lopez. I think the late Vice-President Fernando Lopez was her cousin. I never met my Lola Nena for she died in the 1930’s when my mom was three years old.

    I hope someday I could meet long lost relatives. Also, when I visit the Philippines, I would like to visit Iloilo.

    • Dexter said

      Hi. I bought a copy of our family tree and saw the name Carolina Ledesma Lopez who is married to Hermogenes Oliveros with childrens Ramon, Nestor, Alfonso and Carmelina, but nothing comes after it. Is this info correct? If so, it will be good if you can contact Ramon Conlu so you can help him complete your lineage. Thanks!

      • Cathlyne O. Bennett said

        Hi, Thank you for reply. Yes, Carolina and Hermogenes are my late maternal grand-
        parents. My mother is Carmelina. The youngest offspring. It would be wonderful
        to trace our lineage and learn more about our history as a family.

        Thank you again.


      • Marian L said

        Hi, Dexter!

        I don’t know if you still check this forum, but I wanted to know where you bought the family tree book. My aunt is the only one in the family who has a copy and we tend to pass it around a lot (my dad has 6 siblings, so I takes a while). We’re in the book and we’re updated our family tree, until my niece’s generation, so I wanted to get one for my dad who’s here in Bacolod & for my sister who’s in Chicago. Is it sold online or can they ship it?


      • Dexter said

        Sorry for the very, very late reply. It is only now that I happen to come across this page again. Email of Ramon Conlu is rseverino_conlu@yahoo.com. Thank you.

    • Malou Ledesma said

      hi cathlyne..malou ledesma here,we usually visit our town in iloilo which is POTOTAN,ILOILO..if you are interested to know some of the lEDESMA CLAN,you can communicate with us thru our facebook accounts..next year 2012 there are plans of having a reunion in Iloilo or maybe Boracay..my greatgrandfather is Primitivo Ledesma

      • Charles Bagasan said

        My name is Charles Bagasan. My paternal grandmother was a Ledesma from Jaro, Iloilo.
        I was raised in Canada and have been estranged from this branch of the family.
        However, I will be visiting the Phillipines in late April and May 2012 for the first time since I was a child.
        I would be very glad to meet some of my clan. When is the reunion planned?

      • rodelyn said

        hello! I’m Rodelyn Ledesma. My father’s name is Rodrigo Trayvilla Ledesma, son of Vicente Ledesma and Rafaela Trayvilla-Ledesma from Tigbauan, Iloilo. My father dont know the story behind their clan. He don’t even know his great grandparents. I really want to know more my father’s long lost relatives. He told me that he has a relatives from Jaro, Iloilo but they never seen each other a long time ago. Hope to find my relatives (LEDESMA). Honestly, I never meet yet my grandparents (Vicente (deceased) and Rafaela)..

  2. Mario Rotea said

    Hi. just stumbled on this post. I’m preparing to visit Jaro for my kids to see the birthplace of my dad. Don’t know how much this person knows about the stuff you want but he’s keeping the Ledesma family tree book going. His name is Ramon Conlu and lives in bacolod. He’s got it all from the first ledesma that landed in the phil and you can follow your lineage and also get yourself added to it.

    Met him once and actually bought a copy of the book which he sells at a very reasonable price.

    Let me know if you want his e mail. don’t have it now but can send it later.


  3. Erano Ledesma Miranda said

    I visited Iloilo early 1980s when we conducted occular inspection of Iloilo Fishing Port, for being an accountant of EEI, a construction company.Sayang, I didnt. had a chance seeing the mansion. My maternal grandfather, CELEDONIO LEDESMA was from Iloilo. We never had a chance meeting our relatives there. By the way, I am from Tarlac City. Thanks.

  4. Lance Ledesma said

    Would anybody know how I can get hold of Mr. Ramon Conlu?


    hi…i’m out of the country for long time and my dad when he was still alive he told us that our great grandmother is Dona Dolores Jover Ledesma who was one of the wives of Simon Ledesma but at the time she was preggy (the child was our grand father) she was abducted by the “Moros” and brought to Kabankalan, Negros Occidental. While she was there, she managed to escaped when there was a big fire on the camp of her abductors and thru a long walk she reaches to Pulupandan. Becoz of her desire to go back to Iloilo City she was brought by a sailboat from Pulupandan to Guimaras Island and in Guimaras she delivered a child (our grandfather- Selvino Ledesma)and there she died. My Dad’s name is Carlos Ledesma. My dad said we belong to the Simon Ledesma family Tree but becoz Im based outside the country I didnt have time to check.

    • simon ledesma y’ lopez is my grandfathers father…

    • i have a copy of Simon Ledesma family tree.. but it is very incomplete.. I didn’t saw your great grandmother’s name there though.. lol.. guess it’s really really incomplete..

      • Rex Babiera said

        Hello there…..I am not a Ledesma but the sister of my Lola is married to a Ledesma….his name is Herminio Ledesma Sr., the son of Simeon Ledesma who in turn is the son of Simon Ledesma……not sure of this line though. They are related to Daniel Ledesma who was a known “hilot” at Simon Ledesma Street.

  6. carlos ledesma said

    Hello! My Father’s name is Maximiano Papa Ledesma and his Father’s name is Selvino Ledesma. When my father was still alive he used to tell me that according to my grandfather he has brothers and sisters who returned to the visayas where most of his relatives resides. According to my father my grandfather stayed in Indang Cavite before the war and trasfered to Mindoro during the Japanese occupation. He was separated from his brothers and sisters who opted to go elsewhere in the visasyan Region.After that they never heard anything from them. I want to know more of my relatives there,But I Have to get more information to verify….how my grandfathers came to Cavite ….and his great grandparents….Is it possible for us to communicate by e-mail. My e-mail ledesma.carlos@yahoo.com

    • Hi!I’ve got curious by your name and your post. My Mom’s name is Norma Ledesma and her father’s name is Arsenio Ledesma. My mom left his brother Carlos Ledesma when she was in Highschool and unfortunately till now they haven’t see each other.They have no communication either. We’re searching for him for the long time. Me and my sibling knows nothing about our relatives that’s why I’m hoping I could search someone who is related to us. You can contact me at my yahoo acct. – myrnaganno@yahoo.com

    • eduardo altarez ledesma maquinay said

      ako c eduardo maquinay, anak ako ni hejaluz ledesma maquinay na anak ni josefa ledesma na taga carmona cavite,,, d q n alam name ng tatay ni lola josefa ledesma, ang kwento lng smin g tatay q ngmula ang ledesma s iloilo,, 2 mgkapatid n ledesma ang gling iloilo,, ang isa npunta ng cavite ang isa npunta ng ilocos, simula nun d n ngkita ang mgkapatid at di na rin nkauwi ng iloilo..

      • carlos v. ledesma said

        Hi! Iwas able to secure the birth certificate of my father Maximiano Papa ledesma, his father was Silvino while his grandparents were Teodoro Ledesma married to Francisca Vince, and they resided at Naic Cavite way back in 1933 my father’s birthdate …hope we got the chance to make connections……

    • my lola josefa ledesma father is marciano ledsema and my lolas grand father is nicolas ledesma

      • Hi! I’m from Ilocos, from where sa ilocos kaya napadpad yong isang ledesma that you are talking about?Do you have any idea?Baka kami na yong tinutukoy mo.Eversince, i’m very eager to meet my relatives.Can you add me in facebook?

  7. Rosarie Ledesma said

    I’m reaching out to Ramon Conlu – Are you the one who published the “Ledesma Family Tree Bible”? It’s a great reference book, which I was able to check out at our last family reunion in NJ. But my family did notice many mistakes in names, number of children, descendants, etc. (ie. cousins became siblings, etc.) Is this the final version or are you planning another volume?
    Great job though…

  8. Gimuel Ledesma said

    I think we came from the same root. My Great Great Grandfather is from Ilo-ilo who moved to Negros Occidental,Philippines which I don’t know the year xD. I don’t know if anyone know the Capiztrano Family , no sure if my spelling is right though. My Great Great Grandfather’s name is Filimon (Emon) Ledesma.

  9. jing ledesma boco said

    hi! my great grandfather’s name is Felix Ledesma married to Anacleta Corteza and my grandfather’s name is Pragmacio Corteza Ledesma (deceased) married to Othella Sespeñe de los Reyes Y Ledesma.Hoping to know more about the ledesma family tree..God Bless 🙂

  10. Geneive Ledesma said

    I’m looking for anyone with any information about my father RIO JANEIRO LOPEZ LEDESMA born in 1952 in Bacolod City. He was married in December 15, 1981 to Maria Lourdes de Jesus Padua..I never knew my father and would just like to know anything I can about him or his family background.. please if you know anything concerning my father……..PLEASE email me at cheena4dreamer@yahoo.com

    thank you

  11. Geneive Ledesma said

    I’m looking for anyone with any information about my father RIO JANEIRO LOPEZ LEDESMA born in 1952 in Bacolod City. He was married in December 15, 1981 to Maria Lourdes de Jesus Padua..I never knew my father and would just like to know anything I can about him or his family background.. please if you know anything concerning my father……..PLEASE email me at cheena4dreamer@yahoo.com

    thank you soo much

  12. Maureen Ledesma said

    I’d like to know more about the Ledesmas who settled in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental. My father’s grandfather is Mauro Ledesma Sr. Hope to hear from you 🙂

    • gavino said

      maybe asked ramon conlu who has the complilation of the ledesma family tree. my fathers name is gavino ledesma sr.

      • Maureen Nova said

        Yes I read somewhere he’s releasing a 2nd edition of the family tree. Thanks for the info.

    • Sonnie Ledesma Santiago said

      Thank you for contacting me. How I wish I could provide you information about the Ledesmas in the Visayas region particularly from Kabankalan, Negros Occidental as you mentioned. I know nothing about them except my grandfather, Serafin Jardeleza Ledesma who hailed from Silay, Negros Occidental, even myself, I’ve been trying to search and trace his relatives from Silay, Negros Occidental and Jaro, Iloilo City where his mother came from – born from Jardeleza family.

      My grandfather passed away in 1981 in his 80’s. Until he died, we don’t know anyone from his family or relatives in the Visayas region. He claimed that he came from a well-to-do and prominent Ledesma family from Silay, Negros Occidental. His family owned sugar cane plantation in Silay, Negros. At his young age, he was rebellious to his father and decided to leave his family. He was a stow away boy – wandered in many places. He happened to work as a Surveyor in Bicol area for a Railway company. He met his wife in Bicol, settled down, and blessed with seven children, one of them, is my mother. I could tell that he was accustomed to a comfortable living. He missed all of it when he left his family from Negros. He was a very intelligent guy, though, he was not able to finish higher education, he could speak English very well. He could be a lawyer. To earn a living and support his wife and children, he would do declaration of land title for a fee to many of his Bicolano clients. His pride deprived him of contacting his family and relatives in Negros Occidental and Iloilo City. He said he had no guts to face his prominent family as he had not achieved anything to be proud of.

      By the way, we look like Chinese with small chinky eyes and white complexion. My grandfather once said that we look like the typical Ledesma family in the Visayas region.
      In honor of my grandfather’s memory, all I’ve wanted is to trace his relatives and get to know them.

      Perhaps, Ramon Conlu might be able to help us out with our search.

      • Sonnie Ledesma Santiago said

        I forgot to mention that Serafin Jardeleza Ledesma’s mother’s name was Eutropia (sounds like that if I’m not mistaken) Jardeleza Ledesma from Jaro, Iloilo City. She used to be a teacher. Their family settled in Silay, Negros Occidental. Serafin Jardeleza Ledesma had a brother and a sister. Their names were Ramon Jardeleza Ledesma and Salud Jardeleza Ledesma.

        If anyone knows any information about them, please send me an e-mail at sonniesantiago@yahoo.com. Thank you.

      • Maureen Ledesma said

        Oh yes. Chinky eyes with white complexion. We’re probably related.

        I really have no idea how vast the family’s wealth is but the family name is indeed very prominent and since the Junior Mauro (my grandfather) went to DLSU I’d say they were well off.

        Sorry this reply is so fashionably late.

      • Engr Mary Verde Ledesma said

        @ Sonnie..hi..as i read what you wrote I remember my dad. He passed away 15 years ago and yes, my dad speaks english very well and also he made declaration of land titles, affidavits, contracts and so on, like a lawyer. My dad’s name is Carlos Ledesma from the Simon Ledesma clan.

  13. i am from the third generation of ledesma my grandfathers name was simeon jagurin Ledesma he was the son of the late don Simon Ledesma y’ lopez.. i only saw this picture in the family directory now i know it really exist..

  14. Samuel Seles said

    Hi! My name is Samuel Ledesma Seles, my lolo is Leonardo Gonzales Ledesma who is the son of Juan Ledesma and Victoria Jay. We were born and raised in Manila and now here in Iloilo. I would appreciate if we can trace up our family tree as this is one of the last request our lolo asked us before he died.

    • Hi!Base on my mom’s story her father Arsenio Ledesma has a brother whose name is Juan Ledesma. By any chance do you know my lolo? or maybe your grandma knows him.Is your grandma still alive? My mom anyway had a brother whose name is Carlos Ledesma and we’ve been trying to search him cause they haven’t seen each other since my mom left Negros. You can contact me at my yahoo mail – myrnaganno@yahoo.com.

      • Samuel Seles said

        Hi Myrna, my Lolo Narding passed away in 2007 and her sister is Victoria Jay, so sorry for the wrong info. She is not my Lolo’s mother instead she is the sister. Lolo Narding married Corazon Del Rosario Viacrusis – Ledesma. My Lola is still alive and now living in CA., USA.

      • Oh that’s good to know!How old is your grandma now?Maybe she has an idea about Juan Ledesma’s bro, my lolo arsenio?Is Victoria jay is still alive too?Anyway how old are you po?Do you have a facebook acct.?

      • Hi Myrna, my Lola Bebang is now in her 80’s. I just don’t know if she’s familiar with my Lolo’s relatives in Iloilo. But one thing for sure is that my Lolo is from Jaro, Iloilo. Lola Vicky passed away several years ago before Lolo Narding’s demise. I am 32 and please add me on my FB account Samuel Seles (samchumsy@yahoo.com) I would love to communicate with you there. – Sam

      • Actually the origin of my lolo and probably your lolo’s too is i guess it’s at negros Occidental.I already made a request on your fb acct anyway.

      • fredduaine said

        Hello Myrna, I did know a certain lolo Carlos Ledesma who he said was once a 3 rounder boxer during his prime. And that he has a sister by the name of Socorro which turns out to be the grandmother of singer Kuh Ledesma. Though Kuh is not a pure Ledesma, but she did manage to give credence to the name. Maria Socorro (Kuh) was named after her lola which is Socorro, the sister of Carlos and a cousin of my lolo Catalino. My great, great grandmother was Agapita Ledesma.

      • Really!that’s good to hear!can i add you in facebook for me to get to know you and your relatives too. Been longing to meet my relatives specially my mom’s brother fam.

    • Samuel Seles said

      Erratum: Vicky Jay is my Lolo Narding’s sister. They are only 2 siblings in their family.

      • Again. Vicky Gonzales-Jay and Juan Ledesma is my Lolo Narding’s parents. My Lolo’s sister is Lola Tina. As far as I know, Bobby Ledesma the former radio commentator and producer of the 1st noontime show in The Philippibnes Student Canteen is my Lolo Narding’s half brother.

  15. Jessica said

    This is the House right Beside my Great Grandmothers House . Are you Familiar with Mr.Jesse Ledesma ?

    • Ochie Ledesma said

      Hi Jessica, my late father-in-law’s name is Jesus Lacson Ledesma (they called him Jess). He was the son of Jose Araneta Ledesma and Segunda Octavo Lacson. If Jess Ledesma is alive today, he would be 85 year old. Is he the Jesse Ledesma you are looking for?

  16. nancy villeza said

    hi my mum dad is ramon conlu from roxas,is this all about the plan reunion in iloilo next year?if confirm we need to book our ticket to meet my relatives.

    nancy conlu villeza-demonteverde

  17. Sonnie Ledesma Santiago said

    To LEDESMA and JARDELEZA clan in Silay, Negros Occidental and Jaro, Iloilo respectively,

    Does anyone of you remember a man who stowed away a long long time ago from his parents from Silay, Negros Occidental by the name of SERAFIN JARDELEZA LEDESMA?

    If anyone knows or remembers this man by his name, please contact me by e-mail.

  18. issajane m magdael said

    hi im pilipino kilala nyu ba c agustin ledesma??

  19. vodafone r201…

    […]Ledesma Mansion (Jaro, Iloilo) « Heritage Conservation Society[…]…

  20. krisha J. Ledesma said

    hi im krisha jimenea Ledesma. residing at jaro, iloilo city.mainly the name of our brgy, were 0ur family live was named after our great great grandfather Don Simon Ledesma.our family hope to meet our other relatives.

  21. Hello! My name is Xavier Paolo Ledesma Mandreza and I am the great-grandson of Don Joaquin Ledesma-Ledesma and grandson of Felix Ising Ledesma, Sr. I have visited the Ledesma Mansion last August 25, 2009 during my Cousin Raymond Ledesma-Nobleza\’s wedding and to be honest a lot of mixed memories came to me whilst looking at my Ancestral Home. There was a magazine article dedicated to the House printed in 2009 and it made me learn a lot of what my Family stood for. I\’m glad to know all of you. Though I really hate to admit it, we Ledesmas oftentimes have this continous Enmity whenever we talk about Family Heritage and Pride even within my own Mum and Sister themselves. Seriously I just cannot understand why. Was it because of Bad Karma or it\’s really just the way we are?

    I hope to learn a lot more about my Family Heritage no matter whatever transipred in the past. Family is Family and no mattter what we MUST never let it go…Never. It is a part of who we are and what we will carry in the Future. If you ask me if I\’m happy being a LEDESMA – 100%!!!!!. In spite of the supposed \”Curse\” and our twerky or eccentric habits. Thank you.

  22. mercy said

    Hello! My name is Mercy, married to FLorante Reyes, son of Isauro Ledesma Reyes, they know nothing about their father all they just knew that their father was from Jaro, Iloilo. I want to help my husband locate his ancestors and relatives and i hope by doing this i can help him, your help and assistance means a lot to build the real identity of my husband and his siblings.
    Thank you very much and God bless!!!

  23. MIggy L said

    I am trying to trace our Ledesma relatives since we (my dad, uncle and aunt) don’t have an inkling on who our Ledesma relatives are because my grandfather was adopted by his Henares relatives when he was a baby. My grandfather’s middle name is Henares. What I know is he was born in Jaro, Iloilo and relocated to Bacolod City since he was adopted by his Henares relatives. Based on my back reading, there are a lot of Ledesma’s searching for their ancestors and I thought we were the only ones searching.

  24. MIggy L said

    By the way, my grandfather’s name is Lope Ledesma.

    • MIggy L said

      My grandfather’s father is Sixto Ledesma.

      • Imelda Palacio said

        Hi Miggy, My maiden name is Imelda Ledesma Buot but I’m now married to Augusto Palacio. My mom is Estrella Ledesma and she is the youngest sister of your dad, Tioy Lope I’ve been researching on our ancestors too.

  25. Matthew Ledesma said

    Hi. I would like to know if anyone of you know augusto ledesma? He is my great grandfather. My grandmother is Vivien Cudilla Ledesma. Any information would be appreciated.

  26. Lance Ledesma said

    I am the great grandson of Emma Montinola Ledesma and Jesus Ledesma…..
    I am living in that house together with my dad-Luigi Ledesma, Grandmother-Maria Camilla Ledesma(Carmela), and my greatgrandmother- Emma Montinola Ledesma

  27. hi! my father is one of the LEDESMA, and i want to know more about the ledesma family tree start from the very begining. my father is Hejaluz Ledesma Maquinay son of Josefa Ledesma, then Josefa is daughter of Donato Ledesma, then Donato is son of NICOLAS LEDESMA came from iloilo.
    I heard that Nicolas Ledesma was stow away from iloilo then never get back anymore.

  28. fredduaine said

    I think we have similar thoughts on this matter, if only your great grandmother & my great grandmother is alive for sure they can answer some of our uncertainties regarding our roots. I think my lola Agapita has so many siblings in the places mentioned on my lolo’s story about their plight in Polopandan, Guimaras, Antique, etc…to name a few. . . .but one thing is certain, Ledesma’s comes from a lone spanish general from Spain who comes to the Philippines as ordered by then King Phillip.

    • Samuel Ledesma Seles said

      These interesting facts came into my attention why during their time “stowing-away” was like a normal thing to them 🙂

      • fredduaine said

        It is because of some cicumstances which we can’t answer today. . . . There’s a reason for everything the’ve done before. . .just to make the story short. . . . Stowing away is just a way to defy orders which is contradictory to what they believe in as true. . . Maybe they think, it’s much better to be away from dictatorship kind of treatment rather than staying and be a slave.

  29. Danilo N. Ledesma said

    My father Domiciano Garcia Ledesma,was born in Zamboanga City, at 7 he stowed away to Manila. Yes they are fond of stowing away, they love to travel as i see it. Me i’m now based in Cebu, originally from Davao City. I have two brothers Jose and Alfredo.
    My father’s story about the Ledesma’s is that there were only four brothers of the Ledesma clan which origin is in Jaro, Ilo-Ilo during the Spanish times, one migrated to Mindanao and became us, one to Luzon, the rest stayed and became the Ledesma’s there in Bacolod and Iloilo. They settled in Davao from Zamboanga, 3 of my uncles and two aunts who are now all deceased.
    It’s nice to get in touch with ones roots.

    • Danilo. . .its nice to know about ur story as was told by ur father maybe? Well as per my lolo’s story, there were only 3 Ledesma brothers who hails from Bacolod. They were businessmen during spanish era in RP. 1 went as far as Zamboanga, the other 1 to Manila and the one left in Bacolod spread the clan plying Bacolod and Ilo-Ilo business trade.

      I am permanently residing here in Ormoc City, Leyte. Wish we could communicate with our other progenies of Ledesma. Luking Ledesma is in Cebu maybe the rest of his kids is still living. My name is Fred you can contact me thru this #s 09108276016 and 09209827850. Regards……

  30. hi po my name is Ma.Fatima Sheela Villanueva Ledesma my greatgrand father’s name is Demetrio Ledesma and my greatgrand mother’s name is Adela or Adelaida Villanueva they had one child and that’s my mother Bella Villanueva Ledesma. as far as i know po sa kwento ng mother ko na sundalo daw po ang tatay nia na may mataas na katungkulan sa pagiging sundalo na nadistino sa Mindanao…kinamulatan na po naming magkakapatid ang mga kwento ng nanay ko about po sa tatay nia na hidi na po nia nakita simula nung maliit pa po sia hanggang nabalitaan na lang po nia na may bagong family na ang father nia at may mga kapatid sia dito na puro titulado na daw po. lagi pong sinasabi ng nanay ko na mayaman daw po ang angkan ng lolo ko from JARO ILOILO daw po. sana po may makatulong po sa amin na matukoy ang mga kapatid ng nanay ko sa father side.lumaki pong hindi nakatapos ang nanay ko dahil na din po sa paghihiwalay ng LOLO’T LOLA ko at nung time daw po na kinukuha na ang nanay ko ng tatay nia para isama at ibigay ang dapat para kanya hindi po daw sia ibinigay ng lola ko. sana po may makatulong sa amin na mabigyan ng mga sagot ang mga tanong namin simula pa nung mga bata pa kami….

  31. Hello my name is Gimuel Ledesma grandson of Emilio Capistrano Ledesma. I am just wondering if i still have relatives in Jaro Iloilo. My Grandfather is from iloilo, but he moved to Victorias City, Negros Occidental. He is the son of Felimon Ledesma of Jaro.

  32. Ina e. Alix said

    I just want to know if any of Don Ramon Emilia’s sisters is related to the Ledesma’s? My mother said that we are related and also with the Segovia’s. Just wanted to trace my roots. Any information is a big help.

  33. Ramon Luistro Jardeleza said

    Hello my name is Ramon Luistro Jardeleza son of Rodolfo Pasquin Jardeleza and my grandfather is Amancio Jardeleza, My grandfather’s birth place is somewhere in Jaro Iloilo, I never met my relatives. I hope someday makilala ko sila. Now i’m residing here in Davao del Norte.

  34. Enoch Cruz said

    Hello my name is Enoch Justiniani Cruz, currently living in California – my grandmother Lucila Dator Justiniani told me genealogical accounts as a younger lad on one side of the family. The story began with Tan Orong Benedicto being married to Tana Biday Ledesma who had many daughters whom my great grandfather Crispin Justiniani married one. So my great grandfather married a Benedicto but a Ledesma on the mom side. My grandfather Peping (Crispin Jr) Justiniani use to live in Pototan and was born in Jaro Iloilo. Anything to strengthen the account would help.

  35. Ledesma Reunion 2017 said

    There’s a 2ND LEDESMA GRAND REUNION in ILOILO CITY on May 19-21, 2017. Contact Janet Oro Camarista at 0918-386-9626 or Ramon Conlu at 0922-850-6055 or email at ledesmareunion2017@gmail.com

  36. Cj said


    I’m an architecture student here in Iloilo and currently working on a project which involves intensive research regarding the old houses or heritage mansions in Jaro.
    I have my eyes on this beautiful mansion that Don Joaquin Ledesma owns. I an in great distress that I couldn’t find any pictures of him in the internet or in the Iloilo Public Library.
    I found this thread and was hoping that maybe one of you have a copy of his photo or more. It would greatly help me and my research.

    Thank you.

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