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Lizares Mansion/Angelicum School (Jaro, Iloilo City)

Posted by admin on September 26, 2007

24 Responses to “Lizares Mansion/Angelicum School (Jaro, Iloilo City)”

  1. mark said

    i hate angelicum…!!!!!!!!!!

  2. fdsad said

    it suck!

  3. sensei said

    it’s a rily nice school. But most people in there are really bossy especially the b-teens.(it’s a group of girls wherein theyy think that they are the best which theyr not).if you are not their typ, their going to be mean to you and be plastik, they’re just going to be nice if they need something like to cheat on tests.Oh yeah. most students in here are cheaters.

    • FBOY 93 said

      I guess you’re not an ASIL alumnus, having a hard time coping with the non-graded system?…even your spelling and grammar are twisted,haven’t been able to cheat on your tests, huh?!!

  4. ^^_ said

    The school looks cool even though it’s already old. I can’t blame those persons up there who destroy the reputation of the school. They don’t even know how good the school is. Angelicans are very lucky to have their school as one of the most beautiful spots here in Iloilo. Also, no offense to Sensei, keep your mouth shut!! And do your own business! It is wrong to judge those students there or their group because what you say is what u are!

  5. say you, say me said

    well its a good school but as years go by it seems like the angelicum spirit does not exist. some teachers here are corrupt and some are just after the money of students

  6. angelican said

    I’m an alumna of Angelicum College in Quezon City. I am curious if Angelicum School is just like Angelicum College. Is Angelicum School non-graded like Angelicum College?

    It’s sad to see that some of those who commented in this site hates Angelicum School.

    • Angelican L said

      yes, Angelicum School Iloilo is non-graded too. I’m an alumni of Angelicum School Iloilo and my five years of studying there were the best five years of my life. The teachers there are very down to earth and supportive and the school taught me good values. Before I studied at Angelicum, I was very shy. But when I transferred to Angelicum, they nurtured my talents and let me express who I was. The mansion and the history of the school is very beautiful. 🙂

  7. J said

    I am also an alumnus of Angelicum in Quezon City, Batch 2005. Yes, Angelicum Jaro also uses the non-graded sustem of education, I think. Father-Rectors there usually come from Angelicum QC.

  8. K said

    I am an alumnus of Angelicum School Iloilo (ASIL). ASIL is run by the Dominican Fathers of the Philippines and Angelicum College is its sister school. Both have been established by Fr. Alarcon and follows the non-graded system of Angelicum.

    Sensei, you cannot generalize that all Angelicans are cheaters. Angelicum does not foster such kind of behaviors or any wrong behavior for that matter. In fact, Angelicum has produced many successful individuals and I am one of them.

    For more information about Angelicum School Iloilo see the wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angelicum_School_Iloilo

  9. Bratboy said

    Hahaha @ Sensei I think you are just ugly and bitter…did you drop out of Angelicum? I think you did…your intelligence is not at par from the graduates of your batch…I pity you.

  10. Leah MB said

    Just being curious, when was the building built? It looks fascinating on the picture.

  11. Ella said

    for those first three who placed their comments here have either had a really bad experience at ASIL or they hate someone who goes here…really, you just made urselves look like the bad ones. it’s HIGHSCHOOL! Even the goody too shoes does something wrong. its a time of finding yourself and making mistakes and learning from them. it’s one of the many things that molds the person we are now. and it’s what this school has taught me.
    i bet nothing you or anybody else could shake us. all we could think of are memories for keeps.
    -ella (ASIL batch 2004)

  12. EA said

    I’m an alumnus of Angelicum but I won’t tell what batch I am. I’ve experience great fun during my high school years. So, I don’t bother if you hate Angelicum at all because that’s what you’ve experience and I feel pity for you.

  13. Gnillort Ton said

    Kids, Stop fighting in the internet; Just ignore those comments.
    Let’s all be mature for a second. Kay?

  14. Evelyn Turqueza-Dreher said

    I am looking for the house or tombs or anything related to a couple, my great grandparents, Abacan-Morales of Iloilo. Please, help me. They had a daughter named Cristeta Abacan, my grandmother, married to Lucio Camilo. Please help me!!

  15. Connor Roy Bardoe said

    You people commenting bad things about this school.. are just stupid kids who don’t understand how hard this school is!

  16. FBOY 93 said

    I pity those who just have something bad to say about my school, maybe you guys just simply can’t keep up with the system…stupid idiots!!!

  17. jojobonoy said

    i love angelicum very much it is so fun in angelicum iloilo

  18. guacamole said

    Angelicum has taught me very many things about life. My parents abandoned me. I was born with 12 fingers. My classmates were not discriminating. They have become my family. I can count to 12 using my 2 hands and they don’t find it weird. Acceptance and Non-discrimination is a great value that Angelicans exhibit.

  19. crazyboy said

    I have studied in Angelicum School Iloilo for 8 years… I’d say, its a very good school. however, their non-graded system was really very hard for me but I sure had so many awesome memories back there. The teachers I had were professionals and the environment is much better compared to “ALL” other schools here in Iloilo City. Everyday when I go to work, I still pass by the school and It seems like the school is really getting better and bigger…

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