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Cabatuan Church

Posted by admin on January 13, 2008

San Nicolás de Tolentino Parish
A visita as early as 1719, Cabatuan became a parish 1732, under the advocacy San Nicolás. A church and convento was probably built at the foundation of the parish. But the present church traces to the efforts of Fr. Ramón Alquezar who was named prior in 1833. He remained in Cabatuan until 1865. Another author claims that he died on 22 September 1863, at any rate, the church was completed by Fr. Manuel Ruiz in 1866; restored and decorated by Fr. Manuel Gutierrez. Fr. Juan Porras built the convento in 1876.

Heritage Features: This capacious single nave church is a good example of Neoclassical architecture in its severest form. Except for rectangular carved plaques, the façade’s main decorations are twinned Tuscan pilasters alternating with plain walls pierced by fenestration’s or niches. The flanking bell towers are wide, squat and massive. This impression is reinforced by the dome covering the bell tower. (Panublion)


7 Responses to “Cabatuan Church”

  1. Alfred Kok TL said

    Impressive but can be enhanced with jurastone walls and a portico entrance

  2. admin said

    That’s the last thing we’d want to do! Heritage churches should be preserved together with the original materials used to built them. And porticoes should not be added to these grand churches too. They will ruin the facade.

  3. Alfred Kok TL said

    Even the Taj Mahal of India, leaning Tower of Pisa and the Forbidden City of China are given regular face-lifts to protect it from the element.

  4. Ivan said

    But with original materials! And they don’t add porticoes!

  5. madonna said

    ay ang cheap, lagyan daw ng portico, walang originality, and also jurastone wall. gaya gaya sa iba. mas maganda na nga at original ang features ng simbahan, gawin pang kamukha ng iba. wa taste.

  6. I like the church as it is…

  7. lagatik said

    para gumanda uli, linis lang ng mga bricks at cemento ang kailangan.

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