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Dupax del Sur Church

Posted by admin on January 13, 2008

Parish Church of San Vicente de Ferrer in Dupax del Sur is the best-preserved church complex in Nueva Vizcaya. It was built during the second half of the 18th century, under the Dominicans. The baptistry and narthex are converted with carved stucco – work possibly unmatched elsewhere in the Philippines. The convento still preserves slits on the outer walls for archers to fire their arrows against raiders. (NCCA)


25 Responses to “Dupax del Sur Church”

  1. can you please show the school of saint mary’s high school please cause sombody what to go to that school thank you asap and nice photos

  2. (strong)

  3. julius caesar d. roque said

    why does the cross infront of the church has been covered

  4. Jong Basco said

    Very beautiful, reminds me of the churches of Pamplona (Cagayan), Tuguegarao, and Alicia (Isabela) for their “scalopped” facades.

  5. marysol said

    i really miss my hometown DUPAX…

  6. filmar b. marquez said

    wow.. i love that church.. coz i stay in the church during my high school life.. very beautiful…

  7. jazzer said

    wow im sow very happy of smd school

  8. jazzer said

    thank you for dupax church

  9. jazzer said

    very beautiful church is dupax church

  10. jazzer said

    i love dupax church

  11. jazzer said

    wow lalong gumanda ang dupax church

  12. jazzer said

    i love the church very much

    • Adam Covella said

      does any one know a marny Lope of Dupax del sur?

      • Scott said

        I know her so what do you need to know ?

      • sarah said

        i know here,she is my high school classmate in Aritao High School

      • cfwsales@aol.com said


        Thanks for your reply! It is real important that I know more… Please tell me what you know of her, her age, address, family members… She may be involved in some very unlawful activity! Please help to help Marny, she may be innocent and someone else is using her identity… Thank you so much for any help with this…

        Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  13. Adam Covella said

    Does any one from Dupax Del Sur know Marny Lope…here mother was Ella Lope?

  14. sarah said

    Mr.Adam she is my high school classmate so she is like at my age 27,her family i dont know much because i never seen her for few years

    • cfwsales@aol.com said

      Sarah, thank you for the info! Do you still live in Dupax del sur ?
      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  15. sarah said

    yes i am fromn dupax and we still have house there,but now im working in baguio city,but twice a month i visit our house there,maybe next week,i can come home

    • cfwsales@aol.com said


      How much would you need $ to look her up and find her? You can probable do this with just a few questions around town maybe or looking in some phone books… I would really like to find her or an address or a phone number… Something! If you decide to help me please don’t tell her or anyone that you are helping me… I understand if you choose not to help me! Thank you in advance for all you help so far…

      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  16. sarah said

    first of all i want to know more deatails why u want to find her,,,and i think if u want we can talk on my private email

  17. sarah said


  18. nelson balilia said

    naninindig ang balahibo ko pag nakikita itung dupax del sur dito ako nagmulat ng mata at natutong tumakbo bagamt hindi ako naipanganak dito sabi ng nanay ko di to ako bininyagan hay nakakamis bumalik sa nakaraan anu na kaya itsura ng dupax at carolotan iwas here in late 70;s andyan pakaya mga kakilala ko na mga galotera at mag mata si nelson balilia po ito anak ni antonio balilia if kung may nakakaalala.

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