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Jose Rizal Library (Cebu City)

Posted by admin on January 13, 2008

José Rizal Memorial Library now also a museum is a Neo-renaissance building along Don Gil Garcia, the continuation of Jones Ave. A graceful staircase leads from the street to the second story where the main hall of the building is located.

6 Responses to “Jose Rizal Library (Cebu City)”

  1. Jesse Serrato said

    My name is Jesse Serrato from Los Angeles, California in the U.S. Because of my studies in International Trade in Importing and Exporting, I studying for the Philippines as my Case Studies,.Which I am starting my research for Cebu. Which I would like to start with Cebu’s main library to start finding information about business and government directories that may help me in my studies..I would like to know how I maybe able to contact your reference department their, that I may be able to correspond with someone thier that may assist me on information that I am interested in finding for busienss thier in Cebu..
    Thank you very much for your attention to this letter of mind to you here

    Jesse Serrato
    Home Off: (323) 564-1678
    Cell No: (323) 557-9092

    • islandlibrarian said

      Hi Jess, I thanks for your interests in studying about Cebu trade and industries. Indeed, Cebu has dramatically contributed to the growing trade since pre-colonial time ’til the now. For materials about Cebu trading history and development and other pertinent information, your source for this info would be the University of San Carlos’ Cebuano Studies Center Library. You may contact them at this address found below:

      The Library System
      University of San Carlos
      P. del Rosario Street
      Cebu City, 6000, Philippines
      Main: +63 (32) 2531000 loc.133
      Fax: +63 (32) 2540432
      Email: libis@usc.edu.ph

      Hope this info help.

  2. Hi,

    I’m a native Cebuano now living in United Kingdom. I would like to know if the library would accept some old used books on IT as donation. Books about Troubleshooting & Repairs of PC,C/C++ Windows 2000 Programming, Networking MSCE Certification Study Kit, Windows NT Server, ASP.Net, Windows Networking for Dummies, XML, ASP, VB.Net, etc. These are my books that I don’t need anymore, before I dump it in the bin I thought that it could perhaps help some students back home in Cebu.


  3. Severino Planas said

    I would like to find out how do we get in touch with the Rizal Library and Museum. We heard there is an events place within the library. Please send us the contact person’s name, email address and cell number if possible. Thank you so much.
    Severino Planas

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