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Sanson-Montinola House (Jaro)

Posted by admin on January 13, 2008

The more interesting house is the Sanson y Montinola Antillan house, a block away from Nelly’s. The house is reminiscent of the Gaston house in Silay, Negros Occidental. The similarities can be explained by the fact that most of the rich families of Iloilo, at one point, all transferred to Bacolod, instigated largely by the spirit of unionism that had workers clamoring for reforms. (NCCA)


11 Responses to “Sanson-Montinola House (Jaro)”

  1. I still love the old paint though… Haaaayyyy, people now has really bad taste when it comes to choosing the color of paint to use… Just look at the Iloilo Tourism office…

    • e sanson said

      The Sansons hired a reputable and licensed restorer from Holland to meticulously scrape off layers and layers of paint, analyzed and studied the original paint . There was a lot of time and money spent to restore the parts of the house to its original state.

  2. Ivan said

    This is the right color. Historical colors of old houses are bright and lively!

  3. L.Sanson said

    This is reminiscent to the color of the house when it was built by my great grandmother a few decades ago.

  4. Ana said

    I didn’t know that this house is Sanson-Montinola. Thought it’s just a Montinola house.

  5. White Booty…

    […]Sanson-Montinola House (Jaro) « Heritage Conservation Society[…]…

  6. Valerie said

    This is one of the most well-preserved old houses in Iloilo. I love it when it is lit and its windows ajar.. Hope to have a tour inside inside..

  7. kitmorelle said

    can we get inside the house? i pass by this house almost everyday for 11 months and havent seen the interior. its one of my favorite houses in Jaro.

  8. rajaiv0810 said

    do you allow tour inside the house? i hope you would respond to my query.

  9. Val said

    They do allow tours inside the house. Get in touch with the Iloilo Tourism Office..

  10. Elaine Montinola Victoria said

    So beautiful , would love to see the interiors since I am interested of Interior Design. Since I was told my grand father Enrique Neri Montinola & siblings were born in this Ancestral house! I wonder who own this house now since I was told by my Aunt it was purchase by the Roses/Montinola.

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