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Basey Church

Posted by admin on January 14, 2008

Huerta claims that the fabric of Basey Church comes from the Jesuits. But how much of it remained after de Madrid’s renovations is uncertain. The rounded transept ends and six freestanding pillars near the sanctuary suggest that de Madrid renovated this area rather extensively.  Rounded transepts are not typical of 18th-century architecture but appear in the Franciscan church of Tayabas, renovated in 1843. The façade is also atypical as there is no clear division between first and second story.  A marker dated 1856 probably indicates that the façade was totally renovated. The lines of that façade are unfortunately obscured by a recently built cement porte cochere.

Basey stands on the top of a hill, and remnants of a long rectangular fort surround it.  When the fort was constructed is unknown. (Panublion)


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