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Daza House (Borongan)

Posted by admin on January 14, 2008

For more information on Borongan, read Overnight in Borongan, Eastern Samar


5 Responses to “Daza House (Borongan)”

  1. pol said

    The lack of maintenance and apparent disregard of the historic value of this building rendered it to be more of an eyesore rather than an attraction that would elicit pride to the people of the City of Borongan.

    • Ding said

      I agree… could be that the current owners are ill-advised… or, they could just be simply unaware and negligent of its importance.

      It also goes for Daza’s gravesite…

      …wish the LGU would put more notice into this.

  2. Hannah said

    wala e … gusto ko lang sulat !!!!

    add ninyo ako facebook
    Hannah Cartojano

  3. lorenze co said

    asan s inyo s samar

  4. dex said

    ang mga billboard naka sira ng facade sayang ok lang mag negosyo sa may old house sana di ma cover ang facade parang talipapa ang dating sayang

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