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Malabon Church

Posted by admin on January 14, 2008

For more information on Malabon heritage, read Malabon, Metro Manila’s hidden gem


4 Responses to “Malabon Church”

  1. Florante Cruz Valerio said

    Heritage Conservation Society
    Malabon Old House

    The church as shown in the pictures above is not the Malabon Church. The said church name is
    “San Bartolome Church”, located at barrio San Agustin within the school of Saint James Academy.

    There is no such thing as “Malabon Church”. In addition, Immaculate Concepcion Church, La Indepencia Filipina Church or Aglipayan Church and Iglesia ni Cristo and others are all Malabon Churches with different identity within the city limits.

    It would be proper to say that church picture above is the San Bartolome Church” of Malabon City that is located within walking distance from the newly built eleven story Malabon City Hall. Besides, it is the definite truth.


    Florante Cruz valerio


  2. Florante Cruz Valerio said

    Heritage Conservation Society
    Malabon Old House

    To my clear memory, the house of Gregorio Sancianco (a hero propagandist during Spanish regime) located at Borromeo St. in barrio Tonsuya, the Villacorta House in barrio Hulong Duhat and the Rivera House (used to be the old Concepcion Elementary School) located in General Luna St. in our barrio of Concepcion should also be added in the collection of Malabon City Old Houses and be a definite part of Malabon historical heritages.

    Florante Cruz Valerio


  3. Historically, this was refered to, when there were no other churches, but only the Catholic church, as Iglesia de Tambobong, then later in english as Malabon church, so far, it became a tradition to call it Malabon church, until other religions came in, and other catholic chapels (visitas) became churches themselves. This is just to reflect the importance of the church as the main church of the town. It also gives reference to its history as the main one. To compare this with Tondo church, there are many other churches and religions in Tondo, but we still call it as Tondo church.

    If we are looking at it as now, yes it is true that it must be called as San Bartolome church of Malabon.

    regarding the houses of Sanciangco, and the Villacortas, they are unfortunately already torn down. but as references (check my site http://richardtsb.multiply.com/photos/album/19/malabon) are given attention as well, for they played an important role to the town.

    should you know of other sites which is not in my list, i will be more than happy to gather information about them.

  4. Further correction, St. James Academy is in the confines of the San Bartolome Church grounds. The main building of St. James was the old convento of San Bartolome Church.

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