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Paez House (Malabon)

Posted by admin on January 14, 2008

3 Responses to “Paez House (Malabon)”

  1. Florante Cruz Valerio said

    Heritage Conservation Society
    Malabon Old Houses

    Kindly verify the truth. But, to my childhood recollection the picture of the house name as Paez House is the Gonzales House located at Paez St. extension that is perpendicular to Cayetano Arellano St.(native of barrio Concepcion called the place “Dongan” maybe derived from Tagalog word “daungan” a port or harbor, wherein the said street is paralleled to Malabon-Navotas River). The Paez House, in regards to my memory is located at Paez St. opposite the three story Dona Conching Paez-Cruz House that has been sold.

    Please, notify me by e-mail about my personal information. I might be wrong. But, that is my recollection of my childhood days in our barrio of Concepcion. It has been a long absence in our beloved hometown (almost 30 years now) and hopefully my recollection is right. If not, I am very willing to surrender my case. Thanks for your wonderful cause and long live Malabon spirits.


    Florante Cruz Valerio


  2. The house of Dona Conching Paez Cruz is located at the other side of Paez Street (behind the house of Don Augusto Santos, formerly the Luna house), now also torn down. This was a late 1930’s or 1950’s house.

    The Gonzalezes of this house are descendants of the Paezes (Paez-Gutierrez-Gonzalez), who told me that this house is the ancestral house of the Paezes, at the same time why the street in front is called Paez street.

  3. alexis said

    Im an architecture student.,and i have this project about Adaptive-reuse of the Heritage houses.,and certainly there are many old houses which can be found here in malabon., but my problem is., I need the background history of those houses and I can’t get any information in our municipal hall (even in the tourism dept.){dissapointed} I hope you could help me from this.,care takers are the only one left in those old houses and they did’nt know the history of it.

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