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Teodoro Luna House (Malabon)

Posted by admin on January 14, 2008

8 Responses to “Teodoro Luna House (Malabon)”

  1. rosa said

    what is the exact address of this house and what is the owner’s contact number. I am from the lifestyle show of mader ricky reyes and looking for famous and unique ancestral homes to feature in the next episodes.i hope to get info. thanks so much.

  2. hazel said

    it’s located along c. arellano street in concepcion, malabon… you can see lots of ancestral houses along c. arellano street

  3. Eri Berry said

    Very beautiful. I especially like the details in the media agua and the contrast of white and black.

  4. […] The photo above doesn’t do the old houses justice, here are two blogs I discovered on the heritage gems of Malabon (in My Malabon) and more photos of the Malabon homes (via the Heritage Conservation Society’s online database). […]

  5. open po ba in public to. Thanks

  6. joyce said

    May entrance po ba dito? at san po banda sa malabon ? Slamat 🙂

  7. adel said

    Is this open in public?

  8. shirley said

    it this open to public

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