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Zablan House (Malabon)

Posted by admin on January 14, 2008

4 Responses to “Zablan House (Malabon)”

  1. jz said

    just a correction .. this is not zabala’s house.
    It’s supposed to be Zablan’s (Rosa Santos and Onofre Zablan’s)
    Most of the ancestral houses in Malabon are owned by prominent families. Some up to this time are still owned by their children or their children’s children. Some are just left to rot away which is quite sad because it tells so much about our history and culture.

  2. marina said

    yes, it is sad. it is a gorgeous house. perhaps the occupants just cannot afford to maintain it. is there a society that might be able to help with the cost of fixing up the house? i know that the family would much appreciate that, as they could barely afford to feed the children.

  3. Lindley said

    Do you know any history regarding this house’s ownership? Who owned it in the past, etc?

    Is it available for public viewing. Please email me your answers. Thanks. I need it for an article.

  4. Anj said

    I know the current occupants of the house and I beg to disagree with you marina. The fact that the house is still in tact proves that the owners can very well maintain their home. Lindley, I don’t think that the owners would open the house for public viewing unless of course you know them quite well and would allow you inside their home.

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