Heritage Conservation Society

The online database is now at www.philippineheritage.com

About the HCS

The Heritage Conservation Society (HCS) is a non-stock, non-profit organization advocating the protection and preservation of our built heritage, cultural and historical sites and settings, thus upholding the Philippine Constitution that heritage and culture should be developed and preserved for national identity.

A Filipino society that values and preserves its cultural heritage in order to instill pride of place and strengthen Philippine national identity.

The HCS will be the prime mover and advocate for the preservation of Philippine built heritage resources in order to contribute towards the establishment of a Society that preserves and values its cultural heritage through advocacy and volunteerism, project implementation, education and information.

Heritage Conservation Society
G/F Museo Pambata Building
Roxas Boulevard, Ermita
Manila, Philippines
Tel. +632 521 2239
Fax. +632 522 2497


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Submit a structure
Help build this database. If a heritage structure in your locality is not yet in the database, send a photo (640×480 pixels) and information about it to heritageconservationsociety@gmail.com.

If you have more information on a structure which is already in the database, you can share it by simply adding a comment at the bottom of the post.

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21 Responses to “About the HCS”

  1. bibomedia said


  2. maria said

    Are there any grants or incentives available for families intending to undertake projects to preserve or at least maintain their ancestral houses?

  3. hello,, im just surfing in the net looking for my thesis topic im a senior architecture student in PUP and i found out ’bout the lighthouses rehabilitation project im interested to put it for my thesis…hope to get in touch with you guys for personal interviews..tnx.

  4. kenneth said

    maganda masyado

  5. chito mandia said

    wondering why your website has been “in hiding” all these time. would it be possible to provide your link to websites like clickthecity.com or wowphilippines.com and suchlike?
    also would like to know if the manila metropolitan theater is in your list of heritage sites.
    all the very best,

  6. Adrian said

    To Lori Ocampo,

    My professor did a research on colonial lighthouses in the Philippines. It was published in his book entitled: Lonely Sentinels of the Sea. It’s available at NBS and Powerbooks. His name is Arch. Manuel Maximo Lopez del Castillo Noche. He’s an architect, historian, writer, and professor at UST College of Architecture.

  7. Cindy Montgomery said

    Hi, I am trying to find anyone who might have information on the Peckson family (daughter Phelly) that owned a sugar mill during WWII. My friend is a WWII U.S. Army veteran that became very attached to family but lost track of them after he was sent home. I guess the island’s infrastructure was compromised by the war and his letters never reached them. He has wondered all this time what became of them. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please email me: cindy@xssmith.com
    Thank you! Cindy

  8. Ricardo Peleteiro Fernández said

    I’ve written a book about 19ht century’s five original & inedit manuscripts maps from northern Luzon, first of them about the fundation of Bucay- Abra province in 1847 by first Abra governor ltcolonel Ramón Taxonera Marzal, next about first ever made expeditions through cordillera inner territories to draft first map of north Luzon, etc. The book is based on original documents from spanish militar archives and reveal a plan of civilization that changed the history of the Philippines. I’d like to get in touch with cultural institutions interested. If such, pls contact at my e-maim peleteiro@voila.fr. Tks coop. Rgds

  9. Roy Tan said

    Do you have anything (conservation) on the Binondo area, e.g. shophouses, etc.
    thank you.

  10. Salvador Sarto said

    Would you please take a chance to post Albay Central School 1 in Legazpi City?

    Thank you very much more power.

  11. Emmanuel SB. Rodriguez said

    Dear Sir:

    The HCS states its VISION, thus:
    A Filipino society that values and preserves its cultural heritage in order to instill pride of place and strengthen Philippine national identity.

    I stumbled into your site by accidental browsing, and I told myself that something was pointing me to your site. After a brief surfing, I visited a few named provinces and saw some pictures of historical markers. Though they speak of our Country visually, I find the site quite about our early self-expression in music.

    I wonder if your good Office also handles, or will in the future portray philippine heritage thru music also. This is because I’ve made mp3 sing-alongs of many of our filipiniana songs, both with singers and instrumentals and in bouncing ball over syllables to sing, and displays in computer running in Microsoft Windows. I thought that this is one way of immortalizing the works of our great composers, and to augment the love of our children for our own music heritage. These MP3’S may also play in other players but only give the sound as usual. Mp3’s though they have no picture displays are smaller than videos. If you want to keep a copy in your library of these files, I offer them at a certain price. Pleae get in touch with me by chat at karaoketunes@yahoo.com

    I do different types of karaoke. If you know anyone who could record our filipino music into microsize MIDI, I can convert them into sing-along which can display lyrics in anyfont, and have your choice of folder of photos to autochange behind the lyrics, can be sing-along/record in any pitch, print the notes and lyrics, change instruments anytime. M works can be seen at my place.

  12. odie said

    yes lets preserve our national heritage!

  13. Alex umacob said

    It is about time that heritage conservation should take center stage in the Philippines. In other countries, so much time, effort, interest as well as massive response has been poured in for this endeavor. Too bad that there has been many places, artifacts, edifices that we have lost because we as Filipinos cared little about conservation!!!

  14. Why are there no more Activities Reports for 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011?

  15. Hi! I am Keren from Center for Community Transformation (CCT). I would like to ask if we can send a letter to Mr Ivan Henares via the email account heritageconservationsociety@gmail.com. We intend to request permission regarding our use of one of the images shown in this blogsite.

    Looking forward to a positive response. Thank you!

  16. Very good article! We are linking to this great post on our
    website. Keep up the great writing.

  17. Gaiety Theater said

    YOUR EMAIL link provided is DEAD heritageconservationsociety@gmail.com

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  19. Lino Atienza said

    How come this conservation org still has not commented nor acted on the long-running complaint and formal petition by the people of Taal, Batangas on the construction by the Taal parish priest beside the centuries-old Basilica of St. Martin of Tours which desecrates and destroys its proud antiquity and history? Why?

  20. Lino Atienza said

    We in Taal are hard-pressed to understand how your org could stay quiet on the ongoing debate in our town whose parish priest had been soliciting funds locally and abroad to pursue the RENOVATION instead of RESTORATION of our dear Basilica. We are doubly puzzled why heritage preservationists worldwide have been calling for the immediate stop to the priest’s modernization projects including the business place beside our olden church, without your org whose defined role is in fact for conservation giving a hoot or even a squeak about the imbroglio. Why?

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