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Romblon Town Plaza

Posted by admin on August 1, 2008

For more information on Romblon, read Romblon, Romblon is a heritage town.

9 Responses to “Romblon Town Plaza”

  1. chateaudumer said

    Someday, I may be able to visit Romblon again. When I was about 10 years old, our family stayed for 1 month in Romblon. We also visited the island of Tablas and Sibuyan. That was about 50 years ago, but it is still vivid in my mind the view of the marble mountain as our boat entered the Romblon Harbor. Is that marble view still there? Have a good day

  2. maria said

    yes,the marble is still there and the coral stoned old church

  3. I will never forget Romblon. Lots of marbles, and the people are soooo hospitable. I left the place with so much carved marbles in my bag given by nice locals. This was also the place where I saw millions of stars up in the sky in the middle of night and the air is so clean.

  4. marsha said

    => all i remember now about romblon is that when i turn to either side, i could view the mountain and on the other side is a picture of the sea…my mama told me that the province has changed a lot…i could still reminisce the memories of watching biniray festival over our window…i was still very youmg that time…3 years old i think?

  5. marsha said

    how much change has the province got now? maybe one of these days i could go back to my birthplace…..and maybe…i would be surprised….

  6. M said

    Kudos to the people who have made this webpage. It’s really helpful to those who have been seeking more information about historical sites and structures currently being preserved in the Philippines 🙂

  7. alejo repizo monteverde said

    wow!!! thank you for posting;;;; please conserved the place and take good care. my mom was born and grew up there,.. i was 7years old when i visit their town ,…unfortunately i dont have the luxury to visit those historical places there,.. i’am longing to visit again romblon.

  8. Dr. Rolando V. Nolasco said

    My mom is from Romblon, Romblon and was born in this place myself. I used to visit my grandma and cousins every summer. Afternoon, I used to stay in the plaza and watch basketball games. Its nice to see the place properly maintained and the St. Joseph Cathedral where I was baptized. Hope to be back very soon.

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