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Basey Church

Posted by admin on January 14, 2008

Huerta claims that the fabric of Basey Church comes from the Jesuits. But how much of it remained after de Madrid’s renovations is uncertain. The rounded transept ends and six freestanding pillars near the sanctuary suggest that de Madrid renovated this area rather extensively.  Rounded transepts are not typical of 18th-century architecture but appear in the Franciscan church of Tayabas, renovated in 1843. The façade is also atypical as there is no clear division between first and second story.  A marker dated 1856 probably indicates that the façade was totally renovated. The lines of that façade are unfortunately obscured by a recently built cement porte cochere.

Basey stands on the top of a hill, and remnants of a long rectangular fort surround it.  When the fort was constructed is unknown. (Panublion)

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Samar Capitol (Catbalogan)

Posted by admin on January 14, 2008

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Calbayog Central School

Posted by admin on January 14, 2008

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Calbayog City Hall

Posted by admin on January 14, 2008

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Calbayog Cathedral

Posted by admin on January 14, 2008

In 1700s, Calbayog appears as a visita of Capul Island in the documents of this century. The Jesuits did not build a stone church in Calbayog., Ceded to the Franciscans with the rest of western Samar in 1768, Calbayog was attended to by Franciscans who resided in the neighboring towns.  In 1785, it was raised to parish status almost two decades after the Jesuits had left but still it had no resident priest until 1788 when Calbayog had its first Franciscan pastor, Fray Benito del Carmen.

The oldest canonical books, as of 1884, was dated to 1808. An irony of history: Calbayog once a lowly visita is now the seat of a diocese.  By decree of Saint Pope Pius X the island provinces of Samar and Leyted were erected as the Diocese of Calbayog, separated from Cebu on April 10, 1910,   Then in 1914 the Franciscans ceded parish administration to the secular clergy. (Panublion)

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Old Calbayog Chinese Cemetery

Posted by admin on January 13, 2008

The old section of the first Chinese cemetery of Calbayog contains around 20 standing tombstones inscribed with either Chinese or Spanish names. These tombstones dates back from 1910 to 1950. The cemetery is situated on a hill overlooking the city and its harbor. (Ed de la Cruz)

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