Heritage Conservation Society

The online database is now at www.philippineheritage.com


HCS is reminding all its old members to renew their annual membership with the organization. We are also inviting all interested individuals, institutions and corporations to become patrons and members of the HCS.

Corporate Patron – PHP50,000.00
Individual Patron – PHP10,000.00
Executive – PHP5,000.00
Individual – PHP1,000.00
Associate (individuals below the age of 30) – PHP500.00
Academic (undergraduate students) – PHP100.00

Please issue check payments to HERITAGE CONSERVATION SOCIETY. Cash payments could be deposited to HCS Current Account: 8105-8153-61, BPI-M H del Pilar Branch. Please send to Heritage Conservation Society, Museo Pambata Compound, Roxas Boulevard, Ermita, Manila or Fax to 522-2497 or e-mail to info@heritage.org.ph

Application Form
Renewal Form

HCS Youth


Board of Trustees

  • Gemma Cruz-Araneta (President and Chairperson)
  • Juan Miguel M. Luz (Vice-President)
  • Archt. Rene Luis S. Mata (Treasurer)
  • Amb. Raul I. Goco
  • Ivan Anthony S. Henares
  • Archt. Melvin G. Patawaran
  • Archt. Nathaniel von Einsiedel, Ph.D.


  • Atty. Magdaleno B. Cortez (Corporate Secretary)
  • Adoracion Soriano (Executive Director)

Advisory Council

  • Archt. Augusto F. Villalon, Ph.D. (Founding Chairperson)
  • Bambi L. Harper (Founding President)
  • Archt. Bettina Bonoan
  • Archt. Dominic Q. Galicia
  • Edda V. Henson

14 Responses to “Membership”

  1. a.chester ong said

    My name is A. Chester Ong, a photographer based in Hong kong and former manila resident. Together with Professor Ronald G. Knapp of SUNY, New Paltz Upstate New York, we are currently working on our third book focusing on overseas chinese houses covering southern china, and southeast asia. we have been able to document some notable mansions or shophouses built by chinese expatriates and we would love to include some examples from the Philippines. during the course of the photography, i have documented some distinctive mausoleums at the Chinese cemetary. the chinese cemetary is in itself a unique location that is unprecendented in terms of scale, architectural variety and history. we also needed to feature an example of a chinese built mansion or shophouse the book is slated for publication sometime in the summer or fall of 2009 By Tuttle/Periplus publishing I hoped to hear from you soon!

    kind regards
    A. Chester Ong
    Please send email to this address:
    my mobile: +852 91717467

  2. Christine Jane A, Bayron said

    I would like to invite you to come and see the Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House in Iligan City. It’s were the two president lives (Pres. Doesdao Macapagal & Gloria Macapagal Arroyo). It sad that the Macaraeg-Macapagal ancestral house is not in this site. Thanks you very much.

  3. cathlyne bennett-reyes said

    Please delete my comment

  4. BENJIE DAEL said

    hi hello to every one just come to dipolog city and saee many landmarks that dates back the spanish and american colonial era.
    we have the sta. cruz marker, the cathedral. the old city hall, and the Gabaldon building in Dipolog pilot Demonstration School.

  5. Greetings of Peace!

    I am Lornito Mahinay Jr. of Mindanao State University-Historical Society based in Marawi City, Philippines. Just want to ask the administrator if they can send me the application form through electronic mail. please. I wasn’t able to download the form…

    I am hoping for your favorable response.

    Thank you and more power to the HCS…

  6. maria luisa c. moral said

    i was browsing the web for articles on gabaldon schools and i came across an item about a seminar on the importance of the gabaldon schools. the date is 2008. i wonder if the seminar pushed through and/or what happened after that.

    i will appreciate updates please.
    thank you.


  7. Dan Santos said

    I really enjoyed browsing this site and to see a lot of heritage buildings in our country being preserved. Having worked on some historical renovations in Canada and US
    I was getting really frustrated with what happened to a lot of ancestral homes in my hometown of Malabon City. I salute your group in working hard to preserve part of our history. I’m looking forward to visit some of the places shown on this site. I would have not known about those beautiful towns, cities and churches if not because of your
    group. Keep up the good work.


  8. Thank you for putting up this site. This will surely help people, both local and foreign, most especially the young generation, learn more about our rich historical, cultural & religious heritage. Through this site we can help preserve our historical and heritage sites, the centuries-old churches and elegant ancestral houses.

    I am a Freelance Photographer and an avid traveler. I have been going around the country visiting and taking photographs of some of our country’s historical sites as well as its natural attractions.

    I hope I can be of help to the Heritage Conservation Society in the documentation of our country’s invaluable historical sites before they all disappear due to natural calamities such as earthquakes, typhoons and floods or man-made such as fires and indiscriminate destruction of sites with historical importance and significance.

  9. Eugene Baul said

    I am glad to see few people still care much about our local Architectural Heritage. I hope that the government would give more effort and support in preserving these priceless treasures of our country. Kudos HC!

  10. hie how are you iam pastor samuel iftikhar i work in church of pakistan in lahore pleas contact to me

    • margieluspo8 said

      i am so glad that there is such a thing right now.i guess it about time because there are so many old houses that are not appreciated and end up as fire wood. we have. . .
      CASA BINANG is a 70 year old Luspo ancestral home which was burned down by the Japanese during World War II and was reconstructed immediately after the war by the widow of the late Maximino Fabiana Luspo; Senora Binang Reyes Vda. Luspo . Desirous to preserve the legacy of their ancestor the younger generation initiated by Margie Velez Luspo Numano with her own personal funds is now maintaining its original structure with slight renovation. . .and i want to keep this as long as it can be.please help me on how to have this protected. thank you and i hope to hear from you soon.

  11. Can we request for a copy of the National Cultural treasures List in the Philippines please? Thank you.
    Dir. Blessida Diwa
    DOT Region 2

  12. lee garcia said

    nice work and very useful info on relics and old structure..keep us updated..will send pictures of old places too

  13. Rizal P. Valenzuela said

    Can I request a copy of the list of gabaldon school houses in tarlac. as of now I’m searching the date of erection (Gabaldon building, san manuel, tarlac). I can send you a picture of the century-old Gabaldon building here in our municipality of San Manuel, Tarlac

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