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Maria Ledesma Golez House (Silay City)

Posted by admin on July 27, 2006

Purchased by the Silay Branch of Republic Commercial Banking Corporation in 1992, the house was restored and was ready for occupancy by 1993. The house is an excellent example of architectural reuse. The lower floor of the house which was rented out to shops has been renovated to house a bank. The bank’s interior, though new, is done in a style consonant to the general design of the house.

Heritage Features: The residence is planned as a town house which combines living space on the upper floor with commercial spaces on the lower floor. Art Deco elements, especially in the archways, and the corner entrance and Classical motifs;masques and caryatid and lion heads decorate the house.


One Response to “Maria Ledesma Golez House (Silay City)”

  1. Hi,

    I enjoyed reading your webpage. In fact, I used much of the information you have posted on these heritage structures, while writing my own Silay Heritage blog.

    I liked it so much, I have added a link to it on my own Heritage Silay blog.


    (See the “further reading” page.)

    Do drop into my blog,
    saunter around, read a paragraph or two,
    see the photos
    and if you like, you can write a comment too.

    Hope to visit Silay again, and see some more houses that you have described in your blog.


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